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    Best of Kemco: Legend of the Tetrarchs and Monochrome Order.


    Still waiting asdivine saga to be translated(those kanji’s are hurting me!!)although i can read hiragana and katakana,it’s ain’t fun for me to thinking hard as way to the game endedšŸ˜­

    Notice me please:(


    3 months later, still waiting for the translation… unless I missed it?

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    3 months later, still waiting for the translationā€¦ unless I missed it?

    Nope, you didn’t. The current upcoming English game is Ruinverse, so hopefully the Asdivine SaGa will be next. Or Crystal Ortha from Hit Points.


    3 months isn’t enough. Most of the time, they take roughly 6-8 months to translate their games and make sure the code works.

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