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    The world "Tera" where magic developed in the age of wise men and gained civilization with magic tools
    While various speculations intersect over the mighty power of "magic sword",
    With the silent young man "Aldo" whose livelihood is repairing magic tools
    A lonely girl "Eris" embarks on a journey to find a place to live from a mysterious encounter.



    The first game in the Magic Crystals arc.


    Best of Kemco: Legend of the Tetrarchs and Monochrome Order.

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    I thought we were being pranked by the name of the game  at first.

    Anyways, I went to check the website and it looks like you have a 3-man party with your generic anime protagonist sword user, Cyclops waifu, and Badass McCoolGuy. Looks like a story about resolving conflicts between kingdoms with the magic sword at the heart of it all.

    Gimmick of the game is that you have a single weapon but you can change it into 3 different weapons anytime to chain together skills and attacks. I would wager that you actually have 3 weapons equipped at once in your magic sword but the magic sword can only take the form of one of them at any time. The game mentions that you can customize your weapons  to make it stronger Looks like the 3×3 grid system is coming back. I can’t think of any rpg in the past that did this so we’ll see how this goes.

    You also have a pet system where the pets raise your stats and act as summons for battle so you can build each character how you want to. You can also leave pets to breed for new ones as well as send pets to cleared dungeons to collect treasures for you with mentions of an ultimate treasure. Sorta like those mini-lootbox games.

    That’s all i could find give the image translation software i’m using.

    We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.

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    “image translation software”


    ¿Name of this software?

    Best of Kemco: Legend of the Tetrarchs and Monochrome Order.


    It was yandex translate that reads the text in images and tries to translate them as best as they can.

    We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.

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    It was yandex translate that reads the text in images and tries to translate them as best as they can.


    I feel silly now for using Yandex mail and never realizing that XD

    Yandex Translate seemed surprisingly good 😮


    Anyway, here are some useful links: → Google Play → Kemco game page → Yandex Translate for images*


    *: Was not able to translate the website or its visual elements, however, Tesseract + Google Translate can provide some garbage translation 😮

    Just keep in mind that because Kemco overdid on the graphical elements on the website the translation is way worse than the usual Machine Translation.


    And with garbage I mean this:

    Tesseract + Google Translate on website

    8 Talking People in Humility 8 Temporary “A PJ
    Kuhu Arc Red Minor Disaster “Presentation%” From the ambassador of the Ward
    Question of working life 8s

    “Human magic sword” by a mysterious monster that occurs on the ground
    E’s monster seems to have selected the magic engraving,
    Ll reiz <i HE 2

    Ruriru Rener Kuruji Norns

    The city of Ellis, which is said to be a spell in a big battle
    Do not give up hope to return to humans

    Aiming for the best magic word Elpisia,

    Become Aldo’s sword and throw himself into the battle.

    (1 Ruru Ta was there

    Those who come to the clock 5
    A person who plans to conquer the world with a sword.
    A person who creates time.

    The battle for inquiries is about to begin.


    It is crowded with the mine mine
    People live with vitality.


    Ametar: With Barrun Lega
    With Rurime Grill Gomiluru

    You can set 3 different weapons,
    Book: Returning Nonononokunnori /.

    Because skills are given according to the weapon 9
    Let’s prepare and strengthen the ideal 3 types. /



    Lululu Sirsle

    In this village, which does not belong to any territory
    People make a living from agriculture.
    There is also an exclusive aspect to outsiders …?

    Shear Lulu Il, Selected Chiso Inta
    A beautiful city floating on the water.

    It is crowded with mining of magic ore,

    People live with vitality.

    What is wolfberry) large)?
    The largest city of the invading forces Nereid.
    Nereid’s territory’s greatest strength

    The military power of “Hydra Magic Corps”
    It is said to be the best in Terra.



    Gugro (Aldo?)

    Jirgariruru was also Lilnorlip

    I don’t think it’s Rin.
    A young man who makes a living as a magic tool repair shop.
    His sword arm is top notch, but the week before was a mystery …

    There is little interest in returning, and even if the interaction with others is an animal

    He also trades in FE.



    …… I want to finally live in the birth …
    But … it’s just that much …

    She is a young girl who has lived alone.
    She will act with Aldo by chance,
    She turns into a spell and she gets involved in the battle.



    The hindrance is to that big attacker
    2 Lungoril / Okuchi-san
    I want to have that festival.

    I was working as a servant in Cordelia
    He will be saved by Aldo and will accompany him.
    From his grace and strength, as a shield for Aldo
    Nikit p clothing
    Chasing his missing parents,


    A pair of magic swords is held in F.


    Man 】
    To Pui
    After all, Salell is all about crying.
    Ri) A person is in Shiikurumumeanor who rubs with Yoshiu
    A bright and easygoing traveler.
    There is a tendency for Oshisuke to go around and step into the circumstances of others.

    Possessing the magic sword of his beloved lover Cry,
    He is looking for a way to get it back.

    So not much new, but reading what Tesseract+Google understood from the chars info was kinda funny.

    From the promotional video seems like there are 3 weapon types per party member, and the party has four members, and… to be honest, the plot seemed confusing in overall.

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    Off-topic Warning: This post contains only off-topic, skip it if you’re interested in the game instead.

    Seriously, if that was enough to “warrant” a forced edit of my post, I won’t be active here anymore.

    Please bear in mind this forum target audience is 10+ years old* players from all countries. Specially this last part is problematic because idioms, if you consider only portuguese (my home tongue), what is a standard everyday word in Brazil can be a very strong insult in Portugal and vice-versa.

    What might be a slang in the US, might still be a strong insult in Australia, even if both are english speaking countries. Linguistics can be annoying at times.


    Anyway, if MSG Commander force-edited the post without sending you a warning from my moderating experience it should be fine (usually that means “hmm, this post is wrong but it is very minor and has no ill intent so why bother the author, I’ll edit it myself and move on to more important things”), while if he sent a warning it might or might not be fine (it’s either a “let’s give them a head up I edited the post, would be rude otherwise” or a “hmm annoying lets warn the author so they don’t commit the same mistake (by accident) again”).

    Of course, that is what I usually see happening, nothing prevents them silently editing until getting annoyed and skipping warnings…

    But if you have any questions feel free to send a Private Message to the mods and keymasters; They will explain better than me (I’m just a member here).



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    I reported his comment because he praised the artist for drawing sexualized underage girls.

    We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.

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    MSG Commander

    If anyone drops swear words in their post other than the pre-approved “damn” or “hell” their account will be deleted without warning.

    All your base are

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    I ended up getting an email of what the Gamer said and I’m laughing at his threat to sue MSG over “muh freeze peach” when MSG is well within his rights to choose what gets said here and who can talk here. Freedom of Speech doesn’t protect you from freedom of consequences. What an utter chud.

    Not all of us want to seek love in the 2nd dimension. Please keep that out of here.

    We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.

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