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    Best of Kemco: Legend of the Tetrarchs and Monochrome Order.

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    For those who don’t know, this game is a remake of the cellphone version of armed and golem. This and rusted emeth are pretty much hit-point’s metal max, only with slight more focus on story.

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    Here’s hoping they worked out some of the balance issues Rusted Emeth had with enemies one-shotting you close to the end. Also hoping they give the human characters some skills that help with the on-foot combat sections.

    We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.


    Picture Translation Results (I did some editing here and my notes are in brackets):


    When there were still 2 moons in the sky, The Delnig empire used the energy source harvested from meteors from the moons called life to create “Golems” a device with destructive potential.

    The emperor used the power of fear and golems to rule the world.

    However, with the moon on one side active, a limited amount of meteors fall from the sky
    The empire was destroyed due to the activities of the revolutionary faction. 、

    The people were free of the Delnig empire and began to live in a self-governing common body called “Communes”.
    The communes of each region set up bounty centers that share criminal information.
    That information is then collected by Golem hunters, A hunter who collects bounties on wanted monsters they destroy with their golems.

    (So time for us to destroy an evil empire and kill god to save the moons. Sounds about right for a JRPG. I actually had to remove a line that was “I can’t believe they’re allowed to wear hijab”)


    Valess he drifter lived away from both of his parents with his friend, the sentinent golem called Lock that once knew Valess’ parents

    Valess’ mother is abducted by a terrorist organization ran by the Delorists held for ransom

    He is told that unless Valess brings them money, his mother is going to die, and Vales cooperates with Locke.
    The journey begins as a “bounty Golem of three people and friends”.

    (The translation was all over the place and just so weird since JRPG protagonists aren’t allowed to have living parents they know well. Regardless, sounds like the story fits with the premise of collecting bounty money)



    A young man who lives in the Commune of the Drifters and claims to be a bounty hunter.
    In fact, he earns daily money by selling stingy goods, such as winding up money from a cowardly thug.
    He is a realist who thinks that money is the most important thing in the world and deliberately let go of friends for money leaving nothing but burned bridges in his wake. He also has a gentle side that is not shown when he drives a Golem. Valess’ favourite quote is: “Target Sighted, engaging in battle”


    One day he appears in front of Vales, and goes on a journey with him
    unlike the general golem, Lock is able to operate and think on his own.
    Few people know how Lock works resulting in a mystery on why he is able to operate independently or why he wanted to work with Valess in the first place. Lock has one heck of a bad mouth.


    10 years ago, her sister disappeared from her commune which resulted in her joining the Sanatorio Guard Corps as an soldier rising up the ranks in her military career. She’s a good character, (This repeats 5 times in the translation) opening up schools and selling relaxing herbs to Children and Young adults. (the translation turned her into a weed dealer. Amazing.)


    A young woman who drifted to the commune and came to follow Ursula and perform the same time as Ursula joined the corps. She once started out as an doll but once she changed outfits, she began to change and so did her demeanor too developing a personality. She changed her outfit to change her personality. (WHAT. The original translation before the edits said that she can change the atmosphere and she was originally a mirror first)

    (Sounds like they’re bringing back dolls from rusted emeth but the translation I got went completely off the rails that I’m just flabbergasted at how Ursula becomes a drug dealer. HOW. Regardless, this defo wont’t be the final English translated version but knowing Kemco’s poor localization skills, I wouldn’t be surprised if their stories come off as flat out absurd in the English translation of the game.


    Engage in Exciting battles with Golems

    Using an idea stone that harbors the power of life and equipped weapons. Customize your golems powered by an idea stone that harbors the power of life to create powerful golems can fire many different ammo types and skills for a variety of enemies. Use tactics and weapons to destroy prize monsters.

    (As one poster said, the golems will be your main focus in battle but it looks like you have more customization than Rusted Emeth. Probably)


    Customizing your golem is the key to winning ! (Sponsored by DJ Khaled)

    That is one of your many golems you can get in jour journey around the world.
    You can also make use of golems that match your play style in the world
    It is also possible to transform golems using special items such as Idea Cylinders and awakening kits to unleash the true potential of Golems.

    (I foresee an IAP purchase that makes Golem upgrades easier. Maybe this will be easier than Rusted Emeth. I hope, that original game stomped my ass so hard last time.)


    Information about Wanted Bounties are posted daily in the Bounty Center.
    However, the strength and the size are different ! (the translation gave out 8 “no”s prior to this sentence here)
    Defeat the monster with teamwork and power to overcome the challenges.



    Masterdust City:

    The place where Valess was born. where people go to spend and earn money

    Makumrad Prison
    Prison home to the leader of the rebel faction that was executed in the revolutionary war prior to today

    Delnig City
    the city ruled by the son of the fallen emperor suffering from floods.

    The Source of Life & energy that makes the Golem work that drives negative emotions and monsters away
    (Original translation called Maidea a ghee. Ghee is indian butter)

    A airship that is capable of piloting golems across long distances.

    Delnig Empire
    Used to rule the world with Idea and golems, the led a terrifying rule but the rebellion brought a stop to the violence.

    The Light of Selene
    The two moons in the sky. One of them fell and granted the empire the terrible power of the golems

    After the light of Selene fell, Idea appeared , the self that emerged in various places around the world. creating settlements that provide supplies and targets for your journey.

    Bounty hunter
    People who capture criminals and monsters for rewards
    The person who collects the most bounties gets recognized and rewarded with the Rem.

    (Whew, that took a while but that’s what I got out of the image translation software. It canget off the rails but this should give you more info about the game. If i get enough positive feedback, i’ll do it for the next game that comes out in Japan.)

    *I took the words from the translation software and edited them to become more coherent and understandable using the context provided. This is not representive of the final product.

    We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.

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    Kudos for the translation 😯

    Jesusalva / Jesusaves (Buy me a coffee!) / (Sponsor the website!)

    Make your time.


    This has now replaced Elpicia’s magic sword girl on Kemco’s page on google play

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    Roam the wilderness in battle golems! A brave story of grit and oil.

    Get it on Google Play:… App Store:


    Valess, a boy earning petty cash in a commune of drifters is suddenly met by Lock, a stand-alone golem. Upon discovering that the leader of a criminal organization has an enormous bounty on his head, Valess receives a golem of his own from Lock and decides to join him on an adventure into the unknown where numerous bounties await. Thus begins their journey of grit and oil across several continents! As well as upgradable golem equipment, there are also Edea Stones imbued with life force, specialized passive skills and special ammunition for a variety of circumstances. Visit Bounty Centers to find out information on active criminals and monsters, including their rewards, locations and special characteristics. Visit each commune and take on as many bounties as you can to find fame and fortune!



    Best of Kemco: Legend of the Tetrarchs and Monochrome Order.

    Shadow X

    It sure great, i liled Rusted Emeth so i am defintely gonna try this out. Hmm does it requires extra download data?


    Yes after install some download is required.

    Enemies can still one shot you if you are not upgraded.

    Invest in rockets early.

    Keep lots of healing items for humans and golems.

    Gun are better as they give you multi-attack.

    Upgrade human weapons and armor in every town.

    Read the “Story” page if you get lost.

    Also the split screen battles take some getting used to so be sure to scroll monsters before you confirm an attack.

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    On the last area (I think, level 91/99 rn). Man I wish the bounty system gave you more clues as to where some of them are, a bunch has ??? location and I’ve not found them yet, including some of the rare encounters.

    Defense seems really important especially early on, I upgraded def on all my golems, pumped def on lock, and tried to focus on healing and support skills and was able to get through almost the entire game without using special ammo or healing items. I started using healing items in the final area more for convenience, if your golem dies you’ll have to go to a riding station to ride it again, unlike humans they do not come back at 1hp the next fight, so it can be a pain if they die.

    Still didn’t really bother with the special ammo, although I might try to use them for combos on the harder bosses, you can only shoot 6 special ammo per encounter per golem it seems, and there is a combo to deal 5% hp to bosses, so you might be able  to deal 5% x 3 x 4 = 60%hp dmg in one round with special ammo, I need to test that out to see if it’s accurate.

    I started with guns first, a lot of later skills will allow you to hit all enemies with machine guns so I’m now running 2x of each now.

    Btw you can find some of the golem upgrade items in town/chests. And the later ones will come with edea stone and passives unlocked. Endurance upgrade also seems to only be +100 endurace and can only be done once per golem, I wish it was infinite so you could make the beginner ones more viable late game but thanks to their low endurance/base stats they just don’t cut it.

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