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    (No screenshots to go with this one, but it’s pretty self-explanatory…)

    In every battle, you earn experience and energy (and if you capture an enemy, you also earn points toward your next Hunter rank).

    In dungeons, you use energy for every skill or magic that you use. (You will often earn far more energy from the battle results than what you spend on skills, so feel free to go wild!) 😛

    In towns, you use energy to buy all your weapons, armor, and other items.

    When you start out you can only hold a maximum of 1000 energy, but as your Hunter rank increases, so does the maximum energy cap.

    If you don’t mind leaving a dungeon and coming back (to the entrance, not to wherever you just left it from)… when your energy maxes out, you can exit the dungeon by clicking the Map icon, and then go to town and buy whatever gear you want. Of course you can also just complete the dungeon, and then buy your gear when you’re done, but if you want to make the most of your energy or if you just want to farm enough for a certain weapon, this is a pretty cool way to do it.

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