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    Is there an easy way to grind late in the game?
    I’ve just made it to the part on Tamus Island where you get the dungeon key. I’m level 60 and the boss is level 70…

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    There is no grinding per se in this game. At some point (don’t know if in the post game or not), you get to fight the mimics (they are in red treasure boxes) and they provide some points. You CAN repeat these if you leave the dungeon and return. I used your trick: set a trap, then teleported to a trap in a different dungeon ( you can just the map instead). When you come back, the red treasure box has appeared again. Those monsters give the most points, and several of them are rarities you need for crafting. (The caves with the guy warning you about tough monsters are the best places for these battles). Not every sport works, but if it a spot works at all, it works every time (and you get the same monster every time. Deep in Morax Island, and a spot in Geshion Island, and spots in Grimoire Dimension all worked for me, and I’m sure there are others.)

    You can also set a trap with the right bait (large trap, raw meat) for DRAGONS! Good luck–you need to be strong for these. Where to set the traps isn’t clear, but for example deep, deep in Morax Island seems to work, and I suspect that similar “deep” dungeon spots will also. Of course you don’t always get a dragon this way, but one advantage is that if you defeat it from the trap, you automatically capture it. They tend to be Material No. 15, which is rare and useful for the best crafting items.

    Don’t worry too much about levels. Many of the high level monsters are not too tough, so if you are close to their level you should be ok. It does help if you use “impact block” and “magic block.”

    So far toughest monster, who appears in “various places,” is the Ancient Dragon (564,000 HP). You probably need to be much stronger than you are right now if you run into him (he will be in a red treasure box (like the mimics).

    Make sure you periodically check the equipment shop because it upgrades from time to time (probably based on story event). I did not buy the “Special Helmet” because I was able to craft Super Helmets (and Holy Helmets) (to protect against sudden death, which is an attack used by the Death Roulette mimic, and maybe other monsters).

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    I wound up buying the Experience thing from the IAP shop, and just repeatedly set traps in the same area until I was at a level I wanted. This got me from 62 to 72 in about 15 minutes. It’s quick but it was a hassle to set 6 traps then reset them all one at a time as soon as one was used up.

    But it let me beat the giant turtle guy. Still took a long time though, even with the best available gear and the every 2 turns element change.

    Now I need to do the same thing for the mass produced so and so…

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    This game is too easy, even tough mode. Once you can craft weapons, you can put weapon effects till max. I suggest to get Auto Recovery, Critical, Capture, and the other maybe status effect like sleep or paralyze. If you want to farm stat seed like HP, VIT, SPD, STR, INT you can steal from certain enemies. Even they are rare drop, this is the trick to get them easily. First, you need to buy a lowest level of weapons, just buy them on the store. Put steal effect on it together with capture and Auto Recovery, I suggest 100% Steal on every character’s weapon. This will take time to do it. Use that weapon with Auto button when attacking enemies which holding stat seeds till they drop it. Just by maxing SPD and having Auto Recovery and Capture effects on standard weapon, u can beat bosses in seconds.

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