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    I have the guild quest to make the armor for the merchant. I have the krarin but can’t seem to figure out the rest of the combination. Would someone please help it is frustrating.


    Is this what you need?

    Mixed Armor

    Main material number:  6   No, F, Wa

    You’ve got Krarin which is level 6 Fire. So, you’ll need any water and non-elemental to complete the recipe. Here’s some beasties that fit that criteria;

    Water-   Juru-Jurun (Satan Island East), Sound Bat (Lucifer Island West), Fat Owl (Belgore Island East), Night Chippie (Tamus Island)

    Non-  Iron Sphere (Satan Island East), Baby Snake (Lucifer Island East), Bronze Sphere (Levia Island East), Silver Sphere (Belgore Island West)

    There are many others.  Enemy Guide (Catalog) and Enemies by Mat. No. and Element

    Hope this helps.

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