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    It probably helped that I indirectly complained about my bad luck in another thread. Now, after 171 hours, I’ve finally achieved 100% completion rate in everything.

    Getting the “Events” categorie to 100% was mainly why this took so long. As forum member Nemo already realized to their dismay, it’s not sufficient to encounter every event once, the player must have selected each choice for each event at least once. This can take a while, considering that some events are so rare that the player may not stumble upon them even once after 100 hours. I’m looking at you, event “A Shining Golden Rock”: It was the last event that I added to the catalogue, and the last event for which I could finally select each choice at least once (I’m so glad this event has only two and not three choices!). I encountered it both times in the “True Overlord Dungeon”, but your mileage may vary.

    Completing the “Events” catalogue is made even more difficult by “follow-up events”. By selecting certain event choices, you can trigger another event later during the same run, but that might not be possible if this happens on the final dungeon floor or if there aren’t any event tiles left. Furthermore, you may not even realize if an event choice leads to a follow-up event, unless you check the event in the catalogue. 150 hours in, I finally realized that I hadn’t triggered a certain (fortunately common) follow-up event. The game is beginner-friendly otherwise, but it certainly doesn’t tell the player everything.

    At least I’m pretty sure now that most (if not all) events can be encountered anywhere regardless of the circumstances. This means you don’t need to set Karma when you’re only doing “event prioritization runs”, and you can avoid the “Tower of Trial” and try your luck elsewhere.

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    Congrats! Really! I know very well how hard it was to achieve this. Personally I have given up. I got all the books and all the events in the books and I was missing like 5-10 modes only, but then Gunvolt 3 was released, and then Digimon Survive, so I had to say goodbye to Overrogue. I might return to it, but I don’t think anytime soon.

    But I kinda disagree with the statement of avoiding the Tower of Trial. The Tower is long, but very easy. Even at a max karma. Since it’s long, the chances of getting a bunch of events (and also follow up events) are much greater.

    Regarding follow up events, if one plays the game on Android (and probably other mobile devices too), they should ask a console friend for help. In the android version (that I don’t think it ever get an update to make it up to date with the console versions) only one or two events tell that they’re leading to another event. In the console versions most or maybe even all of events that do such a thing state that.

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    Thanks! I needed approximately 15 hours to encounter/select the last 4 or 5 missing event choices, without any other games tempting me to play them, so I fully understand why you’ve moved on to greener pastures (for now).

    Yeah, the chance for getting follow-up events is greater inside the “Tower of Trial”, but that’s the only advantage to my mind. I don’t like the “Tower of Trial”, because two random deck themes are mixed together, forcing me to prioritize card shop visits (which doesn’t work well with event proritization runs). Is it fun as a challenge on its own? Definitely yes. Is it fun to make event prioritization runs there, having to play without your favorite theme deck (or only in a crippled state)? Definitely not for me (and I tried, believe me). During the time it takes me to complete the “Tower of Trial” once, I can make 4 runs through 6-floors-dungeons with my favorite (“unimpeded”) theme deck and basically zero chance of screwing up. When I encountered on “Tower of Trial’s” 12th floor the same events I encountered on “Scream Peak’s” (the first dungeon) 1st floor, I knew it was time to adjust my strategy.

    Thanks for mentioning the differences in the Android version (I’m a Steam-only player of Exe Create Games). Without all follow-up events being marked as such, achieving 100% completion in everything is bound to be a lot more difficult.

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    I reach 99,3% relic and 99% event at 140h but 50h later I still didnt find the frigging last event to complete.

    Just need “Multiple choice” 2nd and 3rd option.

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