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    i have found one batch but where is the second

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    Hi Karen,

    If you’re talking about quest #5, this is what I have written in the Sub Quests page:

    The location of the medicinal plant may be entirely random. I found it on the 2nd floor of Resapp Cave, but you may have to go to both locations in order to get one.

    If you’ve completed Quest 04, you can equip the Encounter Ring B to either reduce or eliminate the random encounters while you’re searching.

    Forgive me, because it’s been a long time since I played this game – but I think in order to complete this quest, you only need 1 medicinal plant. (It’s just that the plant appears in one of two locations, so if you don’t find it in the first one you need to check the second.)

    Please let me know if that’s incorrect, or if the information I’ve given is not helpful.

    All your base are


    Ive been threw both places and i still cant find either medicinal herb


    The “find stuff” quests were annoying in Revenant Dogma. The object locations are randomized because the quests are repeatable. It’s also possible that the item you’re looking for won’t appear in the second area until you’ve obtained the item in the first area.

    RPG sidequests in general can break or be paused if you’re at a point in the story where the scripting could interfere. You could make sure you’ve advanced the story to a point where scripting shouldn’t interfere (like the beginning of a new dungeon that you’re free to exit and enter at will), and make sure that there are no other undone sidequests that could interfere with scripting.

    Then just triple check that you’re in the right area for the quest in your quest log, and investigate every corner of the area.

    What you’re looking for is a glowing sparkle on the floor; I think it’s white. If you have any trouble distinguishing colors or sprites it may be very hard to see.

    Just giving up may be the best option, since sidequests in Revenant Dogma have no effect on the main game’s story and are probably worth it only for an achievement/trophy, or the sake of completeness.

    Revenant Dogma sidequests are not permanently missable, so you could give up until you beat the game and have done everything else you want to do, then try one last time.

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