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    Yesterday this game was released on PS4. I bought it yesterday and really like it. I have played some free Kemco games on my smartphone, but I’m glad they also release on other plattforms. I hope it sells well and hope to get more Kemco games on my PS4 aside from this and Asdivine Heart.

    Greetings, Nico

    New here

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    Hi Nico, thanks for the info on the PS4 release. I too hope that Kemco continues to release their games on other platforms. If you have a Steam account they do have some games there as well:

    Alphadia Genesis

    Antiquia Lost

    Tears Revolude

    And also, Dragon Sinker is listed as “Coming Soon.” (There’s also Asdivine Hearts and Revenant Saga, but you’ve obviously already got those two lol… also Yodanji and something in Japanese – but I personally didn’t care for Yodanji, and don’t know anything about the Japanese game, so…)

    Anyway I hope you enjoy Revenant Saga!

    All your base are


    For me KEMCO games are best played on mobile phones 🙂 but it’s great that they’re also on PS4.

    Welcome 😇

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