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    Is so long that it actually became kind of hilarious by the time I reached the final boss. Not the first two plot bosses. Or the four treasure chest bosses guarding great weapons. Or the boss guarding all the great armor. Not that I mind super-long dungeons (heck, that’s how every SNES Final Fantasy ended — a super-long dungeon with a lot of bosses), but man, it was essentially two lengthy and linear dungeons back-to-back. Exhausting!


    Well, so far, Perdition seems to be saying “hold my beer” on the “this dungeon is really long” topic. I mean, the last two weapon bosses could be closer together than the first two, but if not, whoa.

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    Where are all four Treasure Bosses.

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    If past Exe-Create games are anything to go by, Treasure weapon bosses are usually located off the beaten path and usually don’t have you going into new areas. Therefore, you should make sure that you’ve explored each and every corner of the room before moving onto a new one. That is how I would handle the treasure bosses.

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    Where are all four Treasure Bosses.

    Old question, but maybe it helps someone else:

    One of the bosses can be found by entering an entrance in the top left corner at one of the maps. Two of them hide in  houses in the are where you can find houses. You find the last one in Peridition Depths.

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