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    I’m assuming I need a Heavy Gem, but if so I dunno where to find it :huh:

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    I can tell you it is not a gem, but an accessory called ‘Immobile Ring.’ However, I don’t remember where I got it. Sorry!

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    Thanks 3beez. Wouldn’t you know, I have one in my inventory? No idea where I got it, either. (And of course now I’m at the almost end of Demon Isle, so I’ll have to beat the boss here and then go back – and now I’m not 100% sure where that is, but I think it was Veront Fort or however it’s spelled) :huh:

    Anyway thank you.

    EDIT It is in Vorent Fort – and it’s a whole 2 Return Feathers! Whoopee! :silly: (You’d think for something that hard to get, that maybe it’d have something a little more valuable inside)

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    2 return feathers? THAT is lame. lol. Reminds me of some of those magitec games that have you go so far out of your way for something so useless. I am sitting there thinking, “from all the money I got getting into all those battles going to the treasure chest and back to the main path I could have purchased twice as much as what the treasure chest gave me”…useless!

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