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    This game is disputing with Aeon Avenger for the first place in my hate list. It looks and feels a lot like Seek Hearts.

    To be serious, I’ve played about 2 hours. Because I like to explore the game, 2 hours means I did not finish the first dungeon. In fact, I did not even got three members on my party.

    I was lucky in the roulette, got 110 shards + a ability fruit. However, this was the first game I’ve asked for a refund. I never did that before today.

    So, I’ll review in my usual style.

    ======== First Impression
    It looked like a money grabber, so I set low expectations. Personally, I was hoping for a game like Asdivine Hearts 2: Bland mapping, Simplist story, but good mechanics, looking like a tech demo game.

    ======== Comments After Playing
    Sigh. The game itself seemed to have a decent mapping. At least, I only visited a couple areas + worldmap, so can’t say much. Story gave me the feel that it would be like Wizards of Brandel. Which is a good story, but if it is like that game, I also know it’ll be tiringsome. Interesting, but tiringsome. Well, I bailed pretty early (a normal player would get where I gave up in 10 minutes) so not going to give much feedback here.

    The game has a lot of features. Most of the features was done in an interesting way, too. Skill system was nice. You regain HP after every fight, but you don’t regain MP.

    A lot of the GUI was recycled from Seek Hearts. It was more clean than Seek Hearts – While seek hearts had buttons everywhere, the game had buttons on predictable places. The menu was cleaner.

    But… There’s a catch. Well, I already don’t like the Seek Hearts drawer system, I personally prefer to keep the buttons I use most easily accessible on the screen and the ones I use less on a menu.

    But… The size of the buttons.

    Some were fine, I could engage auto battle and select skills in fights. Some where… half-fine, the 3×3 combat grid is not the most intuitive combat system out there.

    And some were terrible. No, terrible is an understatement. My fingers are naturally fat. I feel they got even more fat due to quarantine. With their current size, though, pressing them is an ordeal.

    Not everything is lost: They put appropriate margins near them, so when my poor aim misses them, it often clicks nothing.

    Why did I ask for a refund, then? Well, to put it shortly.

    If you can read this then you can play the game.

    Really. Except from story speech, everything else in the game is tiny. It is not only the buttons which are small. The text is so small that it hurts my eyes to read.

    I couldn’t read help with such small font size. Purchasing in the shops was an ordeal having to press an extra-tiny button to increase the amount of things I’m buying. Confirming the save was annoying, specially because it asks if you want to override the save with an equally tiny button.

    A great thing, the item options (Eg. Poison 20%) – there is a button to read that instead of deducing what purple bubbles are. The bad part on this? It is so tiny that: 1- It looks more of a gray square with a purple dot than bubbles 2- The button to read the status effect is tiny 3- The explanation text is equally tiny.

    Everything in the game which was not a dialog box was so. so. so tiny.  It takes a lot of inspiration from Seek Hearts, and do improve over some aspects from it, but the tiny text and buttons made it nearly unplayable.

    If my eyesight was as good as it used to be, and my fingers were a bit thinner, I would just force a bit and enjoy the game. It seems like an improved version from Seek Hearts. This not being the case, it ended up worse than Aeon Avenger, because I simply cannot read and the game is too complex to NOT read things.

    ======== Rating Summary

    Gameplay. Mechanics were like an improved version from Seek Hearts. The early map design didn’t felt lazy. D-Pad was good. Seemed to have a lot of features, and I’m not sure if this is actually good to the game as many of them add micro-management. It is common to RPGs have micro-management, but RPGs focus should not be on it.

    I would give 3/5 stars only because I don’t like Seek Hearts gameplay.

    Right, accessibility of this game is a big zero. This will need to be rated somewhere, and Gameplay is the only place I could rate it.

    Final gameplay rating is 1/5 stars because 1 star is the minimum in RPG Insanity.


    Controls made the game difficult to play, because it have too many features relying on buttons which are too small.

    I would give 1/5 stars because the annoying controls.


    Story is … Well, I gave up before completing the first dungeon (cave).

    cannot assign it a rating.


    Battle system is nice, I liked it, but… There are a lot of badges on enemies, which I could not discern easily (Specially because Help was too difficult to read, again, tiny text and buttons issue). The 3×3 grid is always bothersome to aim, at least it was not as tiny as the rest of the interface.

    I would give a rating of 4/5 stars because this, they are small fails but should not prejudice drastically the game.


    Skill System, well. It is interesting. I liked the skill tree system. You get a skill point every 5 levels, and begin the game at level 4. If progression keeps up like Asdivine Kamura, where you get past level 100 easily, it will be very nice. I did not used summons too much (mostly because Kit is slow and I did not had the chance to give him speed seeds).

    I will give it a rating of 5/5 stars because no outstanding issues and proper innovation.


    By my usual rating rules, Battle would be 3/5 and Skill would be 4/5 (I assume 4/5 as “works perfectly” except for Controls, where “works perfectly” is 5/5).

    Final rating: 55% (but 45% would be more precise)

    ======== Monetary Worth
    Unlike Aeon Avenger, I will consider downloading the trial game (they released a trial in Japan so we might get a trial here, too), if they fix the font size.

    Otherwise, it is worth… ZERO! If I cannot play the game because texts and buttons are too tiny, then I cannot assign it a monetary worth. Could easily be worth $ 6 if the text had a decent size… sigh

    Jesusalva / Jesusaves (Buy me a coffee!) / (Sponsor the website!)

    Make your time.

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    Note: Might look better in bigger devices, it seems to be Full HD. I probably would consider playing a desktop version, but definitely would not purchase one.

    Jesusalva / Jesusaves (Buy me a coffee!) / (Sponsor the website!)

    Make your time.

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    That is a bad game design.. I’ve played a few games which had similarly tiny text or games in languages I didn’t (and still don’t) know.. Kingdom Hearts 1 (French-only version I got from parents). I couldn’t understand anything that didn’t sound familiar (played while being a kid) so I’ve beaten it with complete lack of the Story Experience. The gameplay was fun but at one point I had no idea what to do. Once I bought its English version, it was a much better experience.

    I hope Ruinverse will get a much-needed Font Change as it seems to affect the whole game in a bad way.

    All your base are belong to us.

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    I agree with @jesusalva on most of his points. However, I’m not a micro-manager. I just want to play the game. So, the skill points are a huge PITA for me. I seriously wish they had an auto-distribute tiny button.

    Also, the weapon and armor drops are annoying. The drop rate is fairly high. There is no weapon synthesis. So you need to check every single weapon and armor to see if it is better than what you already have. Then you need to frequently sell the junk to get gold to level up a tree that gives skill points every 6 hours.

    I wish I had been smart and gotten a refund too. But I’m still plodding through.

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.
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    I agree there are some places where the text and buttons are small but on a tablet it is very usable. On a phone I can see some things being very difficult to tap and read. My thought would be if you have a tablet or larger screen phone and are willing to support Kemco by buying a $9.00 game I am sure they will thank you.

    Whatever problems you have you can email Kemco and note them in a review. Just don’t scare off newbies by slamming the game to hard.

    Personally I find the game to be just fine albiet expensive “Angel Tears” which I will not buy.

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    I just finished the Normal Ending, so I think I can add a couple of things.

    I kinda disagree with the comment about the font size. My eyesight is also a shit, and I have been playing the game on a phone, and despite that I was able to play the game normally. Perhaps your eyesight is even worse than mine. Not trying to be malicious, because I’m not like that, but if you feel you were unable to play the game, perhaps you should consider getting better glasses? Though I can feel your pain, because I have exactly the same issue with Zelda Breath of the Wild – the game is totally unreadable for me (even though I’m playing Switch games only on a TV).

    I also don’t like the removal of the weapon synthesis. It made the weapons totally worthless. Considering that they added even more various (and in fact maybe even interesting) weapon/armour effects, the removal of the synthesis caused that they’re barely useful and barely even noticeable.

    The skills tree is good and bad. Personally I barely distributed any points, because my characters always use almost the same attacks over and over, but I think it was fine. Level up a little and distribute all points into passives. The only issue is that they require really a lot of points to max all of the abilities.

    Next, the tree that gives points. The issue with it is that it requires millions^2 of gold to upgrade. From one side it’s a good thing (finally the gold won’t be worthless), but the amount required to do anything is a pain. Right now I’m on a level 9 and to upgrade it to the max I need 25 million of gold. Considering that the game doesn’t have gold nor metal regions it can take some time to amass so much gold.

    The plot most of time is fine. Kinda SMT-ish. The only odd thing is that 2 male characters are constantly sexually violated. It was fun one or two times, but reading for the 20th time “do not touch me” can be annoying… Highlight of this game however is that everybody has parents’ issues no matter how hard they want to hide them. And one of the side quest with a lost father is pretty amusing… and sad at the same time. Probably because it’s pretty realistic as well.

    Now about the good things. Maidame Curie backs! Without Jolie, but this time she’s only an extra element to the game. The extra paid dungeon is pretty great too. I call it one of the best ones among Kemco games. The reward is super meh, and it’s almost not even worth getting the reward, but the dungeon itself is fine.

    Also, the “Maid Cup” changed here too. Now it’s not a maid cup but 100 battles cup. Every 5 battles there is a boss. I have mixed feelings about it. The Maid Cup could be finished pretty early in the game. Here I don’t think that while being late 500s levels I will be able to finish it… And in this game characters grow up really slooooooooow. I’m lvl 180 right now, and only because a few times I was grinding weapons for gold for the tree or premium currency for the extra dungeon.

    I think the game is fine and worth playing, but then again, for me almost every game is fine (as long as it installs and runs).

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    @nemomon as I said (or deleted?), my eyes are tired. I spend in average 14 hours every day in front of a computer screen. My glasses are already special ones, to reduce the visual stress I cause on them.

    My glasses are correct, but I really cannot afford to stress my eyesight with 8 pixels-ish fonts. My doctor would get mad at me, at very least. Besides, it is not like I could get my glasses replaced during quarantine…

    I do not regret obtaining the refund. I used it to buy Miden Tower, which I’m enjoying thus far. I also noticed that this game (Ruinverse) looks like Miden Tower in a few interfaces, except, Miden Tower interfaces are not causing my eyes to get even more weary.


    For short, it depends if you can or cannot force your eyesight to read the tiny font. In my case, I cannot. So I won’t. But it is always good to receive reviews of those whom did, and played until the very end.

    Jesusalva / Jesusaves (Buy me a coffee!) / (Sponsor the website!)

    Make your time.

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    I’m still playing the game, at least leaving it with auto clicker so it’s can do battle when I’m working. And now I’m still at quest 18 but with 8000++ angel tears afk about 38 hours. Damn many works to do.



    Just sharing gameplay, this is like using cheat.

    If u can get magical skill +10 to lexor and upgrade skill quick change to +10 then results ur rebound skill will reduced to -100%. What’s that mean? The answer is u can cast skill with out delay and u have infinity turn.

    So if u can get 1 Santa wear in shop  all skill +3  cost 400 angel tears, search helmet with magic skill +2 or rebound -15% , then weapon with magical skill +5. Like below


    With this set up lexor always move first then cast any offense wing and protect wing twice both u can get all 2 rank stats. Last use quick change to ur attacker just anyone is ok. Lexor move again quick change. If u have low mp just use Regen mp rings to lexor or use magic descher skill , kit have it. Repeat and win

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    Very creative!

    But where do you get weapons with Magical Skill +5?  Do you have to have the trial tower?  I’m just getting to the Giant Tree now, and I haven’t seen any “metal island” or anyplace for fast leveling.

    Older, but not wiser

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