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    @Luther tells us that we want to prevent Grams from getting turns.  So you need SPD and the smallest rebound values possible.  Assuming you have taken care of maxing out the appropriate skill levels, and have the equipment needed to minimize rebound (that is, physical/magic +3-5), you can succeed.  Here was my lineup:

    2 attackers (Nana and Alyvn), 1 Debuffer (Kit), 1 Master of it All (Lexor), and 1 not important (Toto).

    Values below are rebound

    Kit: uses only Anti-Fortune (-20%)  and Extend Time (-20%)

    Alvyn: uses only Abyss Nova (+60%)

    Nana:  uses only Geo Destroyer (+85%)

    Toto:   uses only Zeal Moment (-45%) on Nana/Alvyn

    Lexor:  he commands your movements

    Offense Wing (-110%), Protect Wing (-110%), Quick Change (-60%) on either Nana or Kit

    and the secret is Summon Shoebill (-110%)

    Have Lexor wear the Santa Suit. [Note: he really only  needs armor that gives +3 magical skill, so if you can get that, you  don’t need the Santa Suit.]  He should be able to get everybody attack up 2 ranks, defense up 2 ranks.  Next, Lexor casts Summon Shoebill repeatedly to fill up your party’s empty spaces.  That will prevent Grams from doing her summons into your territory. He should need to do this only once, but if necessary do it again.  Finally, Lexor ends his turn by  Quick Change to either Kit or Alvyn/Nana, depending on circumstances.  First turn to Kit so he can cast Anti-Fortune, which will make Grams down 2 ranks in everything.  As soon as possible after that get Kit to cast Extend Time.  From then on, whenever Grams tries to reverse your buffs, immediately have Lexor build up everybody, and then Quick Change to Kit for Anti-Fortune and Extend Time.  If Grams does not need attention, Lexor Quick Change to Alvyn/Nana for her abyss Nova/ Geo Destroyer.

    I had Kit, Alvyn, and Nana in the front row and the others in the rear row.  I had a Union Ring on Nana, a Critical Ring on Alvyn, and a Magic Ring on Kit.  Alvyn and Nana had +3 skill armor, and Nana had a +4 magic skill weapon.  Equipment should be chosen to minimize rebound.

    [If you really grind up your attributes,  Grams will not get enough turns to reverse your buffs or much of anything else.]

    @Luther gave us all the road map.  My only addition is to have Lexor (because of his -110% rebound) Summon to fill up the empty spaces.  And don’t forget to keep Lexor Quick Change at LESS than 100%!


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    You may not need the Santa Suit if you can obtain a +3 magical skill armor for Lexor.

    [EDIT] In fact, I just found a Vesalius Scalpel+999 and+5 magical skill weapon for Lexor in the Royal City Shop.

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    Though I’ve been brought to this site many times by googling, I’ve never commented before. So first of all, thanks a bunch for all your help over the years.

    Ruinverse is actually the first KEMCO game I’ve played as soon as it came out in English. I’m used to there already being tons of answers resources accumulated when I go looking for advice or assistance. On that note, can anyone point me in the direction of subquest #13?

    Also curious as to what level people were when they beat the arena.

    In the interest of contributing to the discussion and not just asking for stuff, my impressions:


    Like all games of the genre, I am attracted by the simplicity and the fact that this type game f game is what people meant when they said “rpg” from my childhood into my 20s. Ruinverse gives us nothing truly new, which I suspect is why many of us are here. There is no learning curve and the game is accessible even to people who may have physical problems. Much more need not be said. If you generally enjoy KEMCO games from this dev, all is well. Except…

    Con: …does this story seem particularly tedious? I mean, most KEMCO games retread very well-worn ground, but it just seems particularly egregious this time around. Maybe there’s just too many scenes? I spent a lot of time with my held down on the screen to skip dialogue as fast as possible and he’ll get back to playing. I’m also not a fan of the arena, which you apparently have to be one billionth level to beat. The shop is also less useful this time around, at least while playing through the core game. My advice: don’t pay to play the weapon gacha. Invest those angel tears in other equipment and the Trial Tower.

    But the worst is the lack of synthesis. In previous games, you could use synthesis to transfer good bonuses and effects to a weapon with higher basic stats, ensuring that every higher level piece of gear really was an actual upgrade. Now, you are expected to sacrifice excellent stat bonuses for increased defense. I refuse to make my characters less combat effective like that. A lower level piece of gear with a good str boost for fighters or int boost for mages is way more valuable than a “higher tier” item with status effects that barely matter.

    That weakness with the gear really makes you loot aspect of the game a hard fail to me. “Yay, I just beat a hard, challenging boss and got…a piece of gear that makes my character worse…”

    Why, KEMCO, why?


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    @navychiefnavypride wrote  “can anyone point me in the direction of subquest #13?”

    “Have You Seen My Treasure” from client Osky in Nocturnal Land, Asgard

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    I really appreciate everyone’s thoughts on this game.

    This might be kinda sad, but I’m thinking of putting it on my wishlist solely b/c I just noticed the main hero is a girl.

    When I first saw the screenshots for this game, I thought the main lead was male and his second soul was female for some reason.





    The main hero is male. His name is Kit. It’s one of those ambiguous names, but he’s still male. Sorry.

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.

    @3beez Whelp, nevermind wishlisting this game then. Thanks for the clarification.





    KEMCO proudly announces the release of Ruinverse for PC and the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X, and Windows 10 PCs set to hit the Microsoft Store and Steam in two weeks. You can pre-order on the Microsoft Store starting today!


    Best of Kemco: Legend of the Tetrarchs and Monochrome Order.


    the hero is Kit, allie is the heroine. it is much more like the duet in phantasy star 4 or trails in the sky fc & sc. i read the first comment about the font and they are not different from recent game. the resolution is higher to fit to new screen. on a galaxy s9+ it is enjoyable.

    Ruinverse is one very long game, although i don’t have much hour for the moment, 10 hours or so, i am near the end of the story but there are still 12 side quests to find (there are always 20 sidequest overall in a kemco) and lots of stuff to perform.

    i am not sure level is enough in this game, filling the tree may prove necessary to win all the matches in the arena.

    Android is unique

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    Ruinverse is launching on March 4th, 2021 on Switch:


    Best of Kemco: Legend of the Tetrarchs and Monochrome Order.

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