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    @1oldtymer unfortunately everything was under the “Review” topic to begin with, and there’s no good way to break up individual replies and all of the follow-ups, so the most practical thing to do at this point is to leave all the original comments in the review topic. I do appreciate your pasting some of the information into this topic to make it easier to locate. πŸ™‚

    All your base are


    All skill damage +50%

    Critical rate +50%

    Physical skill level +2

    Stats for Master Claws. Claws are from Challenge Board – Shama section.

    Get Toto the Master Claws and have him use Shred then on the second turn use Hazard Storm and he can wipeout almost any group.

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    Hello. New here, but found this place when I was having trouble figuring out grams. Figured I’d share a simple way I found (thanks to help from this board) to beat grams on any difficulty while she takes no turns whatsoever.

    Place 3 people (not Lexor) in the front. Give Lexor the Santa suit. Only skill needed from Luxor is Advance Front. Use it until it’s someone else on your teams turn. Any offense will do here.

    I keep Kit in the front to use Magic Drescher from time to time as needed, but otherwise it’s whatever skill you want to use.

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    how to unlock grams dungeon?


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