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    Can anyone post a walkthrough amd subquests here??


    Caution Spoilers!

    I’ll add the rest later.

    Sub-Quests 1-5


    Sub-Quests 6-10


    Sub-Quests 11-15


    Pictures 1 and 2 = Those are just links to image shack login page….

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    It’s not pretty, but here is quick copy/paste of my SQ info.

    List of Subquests
    Subquest 1: I Can’t Walk Another Step
    Client: Merchant, Boris
    Location: Seiya Village
    Description: Get 1 Potion S and give it to him.
    Reward(s): 600 gold and Holy Water S
    Subquest 2: Something Special to Me
    Client: Shara
    Location: Quay Town
    Description: Find a Green Box somewhere at Altio Hill and give it to her.
    Reward(s): Shama Coin
    Subquest 3: Where is Everyone
    Client: Ella
    Location: Royal City
    Description: Find up to 4 children hiding in the city.
    Reward(s): HP Berry x3 (Max) & MP Berry x3 (Max)
    Subquest 4: Passing Out Flyers
    Client: Isaac
    Location: Royal City
    Description: Distribute Flyers for the battle arena to Seiya Village, Quay Town & Royal City.
    Reward(s): Avalonia Leaf
    Subquest 5: Get Rich Quick
    Client: Lenae
    Location: Seaside Cabin
    Description: Collect 3 White Seashells from the Aqua Starfish that live near the Seaside Cabin.
    Reward(s): Vitality Berry x2
    Subquest 6: Menace from the Skies
    Client: Atticus
    Location: Yustetia Village
    Description: Exterminate 5 Wind Hawks in Mertsegel Spire.
    Reward(s): Lodestone M
    Subquest 7: Food for Monsters
    Client: Rita
    Location: Royal City
    Description: Obtain 4 Long Bones from the Mischievous Wolves in Valenth Volcano.
    Reward(s): Avalonia Bud
    Subquest 8: Beautiful Farewell
    Client: Toto
    Location: Turan Town
    Description: Obtain 5 Adieus Lily from the Moist Slimes in the Lost Woods and give them Airy.
    Reward(s): Ability Berry x2
    Subquest 9: You Don’t Have What it Takes
    Client: Calvin
    Location: Yamnahar Village
    Description: Exterminate 3 Earth Sharks that roam Talka Highlands.
    Reward(s): Holy Water M x2
    Subquest 10: If I’m Really His Daughter
    Client: Darius
    Location: Saurth Town
    Description: Obtain 6 Star Stones from the Fire Starfish in Selket Holymount.
    Reward(s): Grams’ Elixir
    Subquest 11: I’m So Happy I Could Die
    Client: Fontus
    Location: Nocturnal Land, Asgard
    Description: Kill 1 Igni Rex inhabiting Valhalla Palace.
    Reward(s): Avalonia Branch
    Subquest 12: We’ll Take Any Job
    Client: Village Chief
    Location: Seiya Village
    Description: Collect some Hoikea Herbs that grow southeast of Seiya Village.
    Reward(s): Altea Rain
    Subquest 13: Have You Seen My Treasure
    Client: Osky
    Location: Nocturnal Land, Asgard
    Description: Find a Black Pearl lost somewhere in the Giant Tree.
    Reward(s): Excellent Ambrosia
    Subquest 14: Creepy Crawlers
    Client: Baldor
    Location: Mythra Village
    Description: Kill 10 Flame Isopods in Adahl Volcano.
    Reward(s): Ultimate Ambrosia
    Subquest 15: The Hunt for Red Octybles
    Client: Jethro
    Location: Yamnahar Village
    Description: Obtain 8 Red Octybles from the Flame Nymphs in Adahl Volcano.
    Reward(s): Firecracker

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    are there not more than 15 subquests ?

    usually an exe create has 20. i found these 15 but i had the feeling to miss some of it. seems not.

    also not listed as a side quest, Maidame Curie asks you to retrieve some special stone. to activate this invisible quest, finish the game once, maybe achieve also a true ending then talk to her in Seiya village. the boss are quite hard at level 150 so i suppose you need to be level 200+ at least for the first one.

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    are there not more than 15 subquests ?

    usually an exe create has 20. i found these 15 but i had the feeling to miss some of it. seems not.

    There are only 15.  If you look at the second screen of information, it shows on my screen number of quests completed: 15/15.  So the game tells us that there are only 15 “subquests.”

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