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    Man, I was flat-out cruising through this game. I never switched my original golems for each character out and just kept buying new equipment for them and upgrading them (which started getting costly after a while) and didn’t struggle at all with regular encounters, bosses, bounties, etc.

    And then I got to what I’m assuming might be the final dungeon (the one that rises from the sea that you need to have the airship to enter) and things all went crazy. The upper-floor monsters were brutal, the lower-floor ones aren’t even worth trying to fight and when I took on the first boss fight (to avoid spoiling things, two guys in a room, one taunts you and gets on a golem to escape while the other stays to fight), I was on foot and just got pounded.

    Leading me to escape the dungeon and switch to the three most-recently acquired golems in order to build those up to have better parameters when I fight in the dungeon. The interesting thing is that there are three entry points into the room with that boss fight. One of them is where the other guy exits before you fight the boss. One is where I entered and has to be accessed by foot and the third, I don’t know. It’d be real cool if you can enter that one via golem, but I don’t know. This place is large with a lot of winding corridors and I know I haven’t explored everywhere yet due to my strategy of “run like wild and hope I can make it somewhere before the encounters decimate me!”.

    Does anyone know if you can? It’d make things easier, as my golems are far more powerful and durable than my individual guys, but if not, I’ll know to grind a bunch of levels and put all the money I earn into the cat golem, since it’s the only one that can still be used.

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