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    Levels 100 through 500 locations. Note Metal Fish monsters can turn you to stone. One hit when turned to stone means instant death. Works on monsters too using Izen’s Buster Rock.


    Seek Hearts World Map

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    And the Metal Region is literally in the middle of nowhere… ;).


    You can get to all but level 500 area by ship.


    Actually, you can fight the level 500 area monsters when you only have the (normal) ship. There’s a small vertical patch of land east of Fairy Villa over the mountains (northeast of the level 500 area’s airship landing spot over the mountains). You can disembark from your (normal) ship here to fight the level 500 area monsters. This way – upholding the tradition of many Exe Create games -, level 999 can be reached relatively fast after obtaining the (normal) ship.

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