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    Abdu Sharif

    These are the subquests in Seek Hearts, they’re called “Quests” in the game menu and not subquests:

    Quest 01: Picking Herbs.
    Location: Yuke Village.
    Client: Flora.
    Remember, Egokus Grass grows close by here. Now, please pick a few for me.
    Reward: Ticket x2.


    The quest will appear once Izen and Clara leaving Yuke Village dialogue ends.

    You will find Egokus Grass outside Yuke Village (at alone tree in front of the mountain immediately to the east of the village).

    Quest 02: A Fairy’s Tea Party.
    Location: Malkyte Town.
    Client: Fairy, Cookie.
    I want 2 Polka-Dot Plums. You can get them from the Acorn Squirrels near Timelost Falls.
    Reward: Hi-VIT Booster.

    Quest 03: Ultimate Hide-and-Go-Seek.
    Location: Kalsedo City.
    Client: Trio of Children.
    Come play hide-and-seek with us and find the person we choose! If you mess up, you’ll have to start all over, okay?
    Reward: Artifact Part (S).


    If it’s hard for you to find the child that has the turn and you know one of the others location you can try to fail purposefully until it’s the child you know his/her location turn comes and find him/her to complete the quest, so basically the children won’t change the place where they hide.

    The children's Hiding places (look only if you're desperate):

    Cloudy : Behind the second tree to the right of the city’s entrance.

    Rainy : Behind the Inn.

    Sunny: Behind the wall inside the weapons shop.

    Quest 04: The Cost of Sleeping In.
    Location: Gholdora Town.
    Client: Professor Samuel.
    Could you escort me to where my sister is in the Greed Swamp? There are supposedly strong monsters there.
    Reward: Hi-INT Booster.


    Once you arrive to his sister’s location (inside Greed Swamp) you will fight a monster before you meet her and her crew.

    Quest 05: To Protect the Village.
    Location: Selesta Village.
    Client: Gordon.
    If you collect 4 Thin Whiskers from the Boxer Squirrels at the heart of Wayfaring Woods, please send them my way.
    Reward: Ion Battery.

    Quest 06: A Weaponmaker’s Dilemma.
    Location: Kalsedo City.
    Client: Fredrick.
    Collect me 3 Bizarre Artifacts from the Steel Cemetery! I will be looking forward to them!
    Reward: Hi-HP Booster x2.

    Quest 07: Trap Breaker.
    Location: Liberatus’ Hideout.
    Client: Ophelia.
    Please defeat the monster breaking our traps in the Breeding Ground… and be careful, too.
    Reward: Hi-STR Booster x2.

    Quest 08: Paint for Edward.
    Location: Malkyte Town.
    Client: Wealthy Man, Edward.
    I want you to get me 6 Coating Agent. I hear you can get them from the Cutthroats in Industrial Complex 8.
    Reward: Hi-lon Battery.


    Post Game Subquests:

    Quest 09: Message from a Significant Other.
    Location: Gholdora Town.
    Client: Tricia.
    My significant other went missing. Please search for him with me at the heart of Wayfaring Woods!
    Reward: Artifact Part (M) x2.


    This quest is basically looking for artifacts throughout Wayfaring Woods – Depths, find them all and you’ll know what happened to the mechanoid.

    Quest 10: Inheritor of One’s Will.
    Location : Kroam Village.
    Client: Brandon.
    Please get what information you can for me on C27-05 at the Colossus Shoe, but beware of the monster there!
    Reward: Hi-Ability Booster x2.



    • After completing a subquest you can get the reward from the menu.
    • Subquests will appear once you progress in the story, so if a certain subquest didn’t appear you have to progress in the story and it will appear.
    • Once you complete these subquests you’ll receive the weapon “Fire Cleaver” (has 119 ATK points) from the award menu, it’s armament drive ability: Damage dealt to fire-based enemies x1.5.


    I have so many Kemco Games to catch up on xD

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    In addition to sub-quests there are “Extra” quests which require you to exterminate 15 monsters at different locations. Completing these extra quests (there are two or three a day) you earn 10 Quartz.

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