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    I’m only a couple hours in so far, but I’m having some mixed feelings on this one. Love the battle system, but the translation seems pretty choppy so far, and these characters definitely haven’t grabbed me yet like some of the other titles. Then there’s those fairies -_-

    Here’s hoping it gets better…

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    Abdu Sharif

    Overall the game is decent enough and a good time killer.

    My opinion on the story (may be a bit of a spoiler for some):

    As for the story it’s decent too and it’s more interesting than the recent games, it has a good character development and it’s not cheesy (like some other games e.g ”Heirs of the Kings”), you’ll love the characters interaction throughout the story, and there’s some good plot twists too, yeah the characters’ are nothing too special.

    The translation in this game is much better than some of the recent games (A godsend) but yeah it could use some improvement.

    The game content is a godsend if you compare it to some of the recent games, it has good dungeons and the monsters encounter rate and drops are all good (there are 3 star drops for most monsters if you look in the “Monster Guide” which is new?), and all the extra content we wanted is there.

    Extra quests (you get quartz for exterminating monsters in certain locations and the quests will change after 24h if the previous ones were completed) and grinding in-game (every 10 monsters killed you get 1 quartz, or sometimes excavating crystals will get you 1 quartz) will be good for people who want to just buy the game and don’t want to spend anymore money, alhough the premium shop has nothing important for the story and the extra dungeons are free but some might like the armor or treasure houses keys so these thing would help you get them, the battle arena shop (uses butler coins that you get from the battle arena) has some of the premium armor and items if you want to get them instead of buying from the premium shop.

    Most of the awards (achievements) will give you decent goodies (and helpful weapons and armor if you want to get them).

    And if you love grinding, the game got you covered, there’s some good spots for leveling up (pointed out in the forums, thank you for doing so CoarseDragon) and some dungeons has better weapons drop chance than others, so if you want to discover them and grind in order to maximize Izen’s stats or reach certain levels you’ll be happy with it.

    I don’t want to spoil more so I’ll stop here and recommend you to play on hard or expert difficulty if the game became easy for you or if you’re a hardcore rpg player, and advice you to be patient and the game will get better.

    Also play the post game for more content and the game will continue (an open world for you to roam freely after you complete the story, and play the extra dungeons and secret arena if you want to, you can also repeat the final boss fight).

    I have so many Kemco Games to catch up on xD

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    I quite like the game myself, too. It’s quite rare for Kemco games to have all characters that aren’t annoying, but in this game they all are pretty likeable.

    The strory seems good too, we clearly can see that it uses some words from our world which means it’s our postapo world, probably some hundred years later from now on. I’m only sad that they didn’t play this theme any further. As for the plot twist, I genuinely didn’t see it coming.

    As for the translation, if you can read my broken English without your eyes being burned, then you also can read the translation ;).

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    Abdu Sharif

    Your english is 10 times better than mine, haha.

    Also Dimension Cross will play the futuristic theme we want, hopefully the game will be full of content unlike Sephirothic Stories.

    I have so many Kemco Games to catch up on xD

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    i have finished the game and post game. the game is short talking strictly of the story but with some interesting secret if you like to grind. i found it well written (although not as good as wizard of brandel, warlord revival or unlucky hero) and the story was interesting with good twists here and there. overall i didn’t enjoy an exe create at this level since asdivine dios or revenant saga (my first one). i begin to think also that exe create could have absorbed world wide software team because if you look at the structure of the latest games of 2017 that were translated in 2018 (alvastia, heir of the king, sephirothic stories, this one) it looks more like a good old aeon avenger or silver nornir than fernz gate or asdivine hearts 2. the latest game bring their fun and it’s different from previous production. i really want to play that dimension cross game from exe create. i hope it will be the next release in english.

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    I didn’t start this game until about a week ago, but I’ve just about finished everything. Still have some grinding to do to fight the boss in Trial Tower on Hard and Expert mode, and I’ve only done about half of the subquests, but…

    I’m really impressed with this game.

    So much, that I would gladly recommend it to anyone who (like me) has grown tired of Exe Create lately. (A lot of their recent games have been sub-par in my opinion; almost like they created a rough draft of the whole game and then just said, “What the heck, I’m sure people will pay for this.”)

    Seek Hearts got a lot more attention than that, and it shows in the story line, the dialogue, the battle system (and Izen’s leveling system – which if you focus mainly on SPD and STR in the beginning, makes it really easy to break the game…)

    This is probably my favorite Kemco game since Fernz Gate, and easily up there with the Asdivine games for pure enjoyment.  😎

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    I do not like the Fairy sub-game where you set food for them and find them in stockings, especially the tickling part, seems creepy somehow.

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