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    If you’re interested in games that have the possibility to become very OP, Dragon Sinker had insanely broken early game because the high level enemies had very small amount of HP so one well-cast spell could wipe everyone out. Same applies to Dragon Lapis due to Secret Areas being easily accessible and yet they had enemies that a low level party could handle (again, using magic).

    Offtopic but still an example of game with fast and easy OP way)

    I found that majority of Final Fantasy Games had a way to overpower the Party (most of the games can become easy.) Biggest Example?. Final Fantasy VIII had Junction System, which wasn’t easy to understand at first but this caused that most of the time, you could get either way too OP or be insanely weak. And at one point you can even softlock yourself if you have not a strong party. The fact that Triple Triad was an amazing minigame with lots of exploits made by developers didn’t help. The only downside to this is the time required to get the cards for the Spells.

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    Alright, back on the Robo train!

    -Expert mode gives you a ton of experience and money for each confrontation, making it easy to be over leveled for later encounters, so I decided to start play the game on Normal, and start hiking it up to Expert for bosses. That way I don’t just steamroll through the game.

    -I’ve found that this game is oddly limited as far as the skills and options it gives your characters. I was greatly surprised to find a Exe-Create game without a reliable way to delay moves, and you don’t get a poisoning move until Lucca’s Tree skill, which doesn’t always poison. It took me a while to realize that the straight buffs and debuffs have been relegated to items.

    -Still, it’s odd playing an EXE game without wild stuff like Unisons and such Maybe later in the game  I’ll see them let loose.

    – Seeing Lucille in Seek Heart almost got me to buy extra currency, I fear to admit.

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