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    Here is a screen shot describing the added content in the post-game.upload_rpginsanity

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    Abdu Sharif

    BTW the new quests (other than story quests) are 2 subquests.

    I have so many Kemco Games to catch up on xD


    Anybody found that Title Association?

    Also the new dungeon, anybody knows what’s its name?

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    Abdu Sharif

    It means a new fairy from the title association is added, search in the world map, the fairy is there. (I don’t remember the exact location, since there was a few fairies in the world map).

    Update: I think it’s the fairy that gives you the title “Never Ending Story” (although this is just a guess), you’ll find it directly west of Trial Tower.

    The new dungeon (spoiler):

    Also the new dungeon is salvabot and the great fairies dimension.

    I have so many Kemco Games to catch up on xD

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    Just wondering how to access the extra content I finished the game but every time I load it goes back to the final boss battle. Do I have to fight them again or how can I get past it.


    @perrymount1, just go out of the Final Boss area and just look around the world and you should find the new things. The game gets saved right before the Final Boss even after you beat it (so you can beat it over and over again if you want). If you saved after beating the Boss, you need to go out to search for the new things by yourself.

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    What level do you need to be at to beat the post-game and the final post-game boss?  I am at level 80 with minimal grinding at the last save point for the regular part of the game.  I will do the post-game if I don’t have to grind like crazy but if I have to be something crazy like level 300 after hours and hours of grinding, not worth it for me.

    Also, is Aureole forest just accessible post-game?


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