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    Abdu Sharif

    Here are some tips and tricks for Sephirothic Stories, feel free to add more tips and tricks that you feel are important to the topic, I hope you have/had fun with the game:

    • If the game is laggy or slow for you, go to the options menu and scroll all the way to the end (or just scroll to the left) and you will find “Quality Settings”, lower it to increase the game’s speed (there are four options, lower it to whatever suits your device).
    • This game has the murk (corruption) system which is when the party is exposed to murk it will fill a bar (on the top left corner), and until it reaches 100% the party will be teleported back to Bassus Village by a talisman to save the the party (you get it when you progress in the story), so wandering around in dungeons aimlessly with normal characters as the lead is dangerous and fills the murk bar a bit too fast in some dungeons, you can get around this by making Aurora (a fairy) the lead character and the murk bar will be filled slower than before.
    • This game has some subquests that are time puzzles called “Fairy Challanges” they’re fun to solve and some are tricky, the place of these subquests is the “Fairy Labyrinth”, you start these quests by going to the fairy house in the left side of Bassus Village and accepting them from “Fairy in Need of Help”, there are also other subquests which are puzzles too.
    • All characters have different attributes and differences, one of the differences is that some characters can jump higher than others and some are faster than the other characters, use this as an advantage in collecting coins or solving time puzzles or finshing some subquests.
    • One of Aurora’s attributes is that she can fly (since she’s a fairy), which means you can fly above floor traps, and also you can fly above certain boxes (has three lines on the front) you can fly above them by making Aurora face the front of the box and tap on ok (the circle button) and then up arrow, you will use this in subquests or when exploring a dungeon.
    • The trampoline in this game can make you jump to a near or a far distance depending on the lead character’s jump height.
    • The “Award” system and subquests will give you enough sprigs to grow (if you don’t want to purshase them or exchange them with coins), they also give valuable items such as accessories (you can also get some of them from chests or by exchanging them with coins), and premium items (mainly from the “Award” system), and more…
    • One of the good things about this game is that you can delete weapon effect slots for free and you also can add the poison or sleep effect with only 5 raw ore (you do all of this at the “Weapon Forge” in Bassus Village) ,also one of it’s downsides is that you can’t add critical attack chance effect.
    • You can change which character learns which nature element skills by adding the desired element skill learn effect to their weapons and equiping them, also if a character’s equiped weapon doesn’t have an element skill learn effect the character won’t learn element skills.
    • There’s a good method to heal before every boss fight (other than leveling up…etc) and that’s to leave the dungeon and return to Bassus Village to heal (as just entering the village heals you and removes murk), then return to the dungeon and use the dungeon teleporter to return to the area where the boss fight is (at the final area, and some boss fights start at the middle area), you can use this method for different purposes, like when farming exp/weapons/mana (which is also gold for this game) without spending any character mana (using a healing skill after a fight) or healing plants/potions.

    Side note: I’m not good at writing in English so I apologize if this is hard to read but I did my best to make it understandable.

    I have so many Kemco Games to catch up on xD

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    Crimson Rudra

    i’d like to point out you can learn magic skills by buying the elemental ring B (15 coins) and elemental ring A (2 rare)

    and equipping them and since they cover all elements you dont have to waste weapon slots

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    • Once you gain access to Aeterna Fortress, you can swap Aurora out for Rachael or Tabitha. It’s best to pick one of them and stick with them because the other 2 characters DO NOT gain Exp/SP.
    • Rachael specializes in multiple hits and she can target columns with her skills.
    • Tabitha’s skills are mostly single target but, most of them can cause confusion which is helpful, additionally she gets a 400 strength skill around Lv22 compared to Harold/Izzy/Clarice who learn similar skills at Lv44
    • The Yggdra/Sephiroth equipment stops the Murk meter from increasing
    • Harold, Izzy and Claire eventually learn Stat debuffs skills which come in handy during the later boss fights.
    • Characters gain very little stat-wise from Level-ups, so reinforcing stats with stat-up items are recommended.
    • The coin shop allows you to buy late-shop armors much earlier also, most of the game’s accessories can be bought this way.
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