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    hi everyone,

    i needed to try a title that could attract since the game has so bad return of experience here. it’s also the only where it is possible to discuss of it. seems likekemco lost its aura and doesn’t interest anyone on other site on the contrary to the past…

    Sephirothic stories was a good and excellent game that i have completed in 9h47. i think there is still one thing or two i can do. for example i wasn’t able to pinpoint “Decair Hamlet”. maybe it can be found using the cat character that jump higher but the fairy was more fun to use.

    if someone now how to access this place, please tell me.

    on the good point, i have noted long and fun dungeon. sometimes with puzzle and sometimes just straightforward. using the skill of each character is a classic in Kemco’s game but it is very enjoyable here because you change often. the combat system is easy to handle and the furies or magic are very efficient. it is noted also that the game can be harder if you don’t have a powerful weapon at your disposal. i use my point on this since no other item were interesting in the in app shop. i suppose that 9h47 could be achieved thanks to that.

    i won’t list the bad point since they are numerous, i regret that the 3d is badly handled with the possibility to be stoped by invisible wall when you want to use a stair or turn but it’s life. i regret also the game was not “complete” in the sense that each side quest is found in an office in the hub city, the structure is also very linear with story, dungeon, boss, story… the game offer nopost game (well, one or two things remain hidden but no additional stories).

    all in all i enjoyed this game but clearly it could have been better (maybe dimension cross will be).


    for the time being, if someone would be kind enough to help me solve the mystery of decair hamlet, i would be happy.

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