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    I beat this game a few days ago and i wrote stuff down while i was playing through the game. I didn’t intend this thing to be a FAQ, just a reminder for me in case i want to replay this game again in the future. Who knows these might help people who wanna play this gaem.

    I also made an excel spreadsheet which i attach to this post. I initially just want to mark which Egg i could get in a dungeon since they have the same sprite and you can’t differentiate them without trying to capture them. Some of them are really annoying to capture since they’re surrounded by strong monsters.

    – Talk to everyone every so often and Write down the quests you got. There’s no ‘Quest List’ feature in this game whatsoever and they’re missable.

    – Jewels can be dropped from monsters. Sell unnecessary Jewels for cash. White Jewels however is very hard to get, don’t ever sell it!

    – Don’t allocate more than 300 points to ‘Summon’ stat. 300 is all you need.

    – You can only get one of each Sacred Beasts and special monsters like Happy. And since you can’t respec stats make sure to allocate stat points carefully. I assume you can get more special monsters via New Game+ but i haven’t tried it.

    – Save before evolving a monster. After evolving a monster get out of the shop and load the game. That monster will stay recorded on the ‘Index’ feature. Unfortunately there’s no way to check the skills effect via Index.

    – Your monsters would only use the skill you equipped, labeled with the star symbol. You can only equip one skill/monster.

    – Monster’s type has an effect to how much they use their skill. I made the mistake of raising a Defense type as an Attacker and i noticed that it rarely used it’s skill, whereas Attack type monsters would spam equipped offensive skill whenever possible.

    – Always raise your monsters from Eggs. This is because a portion of the monster stats would be transfered when it’s evolved. So monsters raised from Eggs always have higher stats than ones captured in the wild. Not oly that they also retain Skills from their previous forms. So you have more options.

    – You can only teach 2 skills from items to a monster and once taught you can’t have them removed. So make it counts.

    – Can get special monster: ‘Nightmare’, from a quest. You can get this quest from the guy on the eastern house in Forne Village after the tournament’s Main Event has started. Careful it’s haaard.

    Post Game:

    – Can get the final boss, ‘Ravanna’, from a sidequest in post game. Also the same guy at Forne VIllage.

    – Going back to the end area of Varporette Undersea Ruins on postgame allows you to fight and capture the last Sacred Beast, ‘Mikoto’.

    – In post game, there will be a magic circle in the final room of the world of dream. You can start New Game + by interacting with this circle.

    – Postgame Arena will yield SSP for micro-transactions. Preliminary yields 1 point, Main yields 2 points and Finals 3 points. Summoner Rex gives 5 SSP. Forne Area is the best to grind for SSP simply because it’s easy to get the enemy cornered here and the monsters are pretty weak.

    – Postgame arena also have Jewels as rewards. Preliminary yields 3 Jewels, Main yields 5 Jewels and Finals 10 Jewels. The type of Jewels depends on the Arena. Summoner Rex gives 10 White Jewels!

    – Beating the Summoner Rex the first time gives you Golden Ring. GOlden Ring is a ring to contain monster, It has 100 cost limit and give 15% bonus to monster from any element. Underwhelming bonus tbh.

    – The post game arena is actually not too hard but a bit tricky. The idea is to have proper positioning and get the enemy cornered then spam monsters with AOE attacks. AOE attack is the key because it allows you to hit multiple targets and possibly the summoner.

    – My main monster for postgame is Mystia. It’s an attack type butterfly monster that somehow have innate evasion. I raised it from an egg and evolved it to Dream Green then Mystia. Dream Green has innate skill called Whirlwind which is a 3 stars magic Wind element, hit multiple times and has good ‘straight’ AOE. While Whirlwind’s power is only 3 stars it’s actually really strong since it attacks 3 times per cast. Damage wise it could potentially deal as much damage as a 5 stars skill but with smaller MP cost.

    Later i taught Blizzarder, a 3 stars Ice AOE Magic from the item shop to deal with Fire Monsters. For SUmmoner Rex i bought Ex-Gale from micro-transcations. It’s a 5 stars Wind AOE Magic with massive AOE. The AOE is really helpful to beat the final Summoner Rex fight. The monsters in that fight is ridiculously tanky and hits like a truck. My only chance to beat him is to position myself properly so that my monsters would hit not only the enemy’s monsters but also the summoner.

    Final Stats:

    What an ass...

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