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    Tactics to Defeat the Final Boss (“Extra Dungeon”)

    I didn’t use any of the “specials” (SP) in the normal game (that is, prior to entering the “extra dungeon”). I beat the bosses with high levels, magic, skills, and consumables.

    But that tactic doesn’t work against the huge HP bosses in the “extra dungeon.” The next to last boss, a Neo Azatoth, has one part at 411,000 HP, another at 411,000, a third at 411,000, and a core at 629,000. (I may have one extra 411,000 in there, not sure). AND…after you defeat that one, with no pause, the core returns to life and you face it again. Chipping away a few thousand at a time, even with the powerful magic, just can’t get the job done. Don’t waste a turn attacking with anything other than a special. I relied on 3 healers/buffers and two big hitters. I had Alicia with her two turns in the back row feeding TP consumables to two front row tanks. My third healer I put in the front row to draw fire away from the tanks, and the third healer in the back row. If I could spare a turn for Alicia, she attacked with her SP.

    You will need plenty of elixirs (easy to farm in the “extra dungeon”) or x-herb (also easy to farm) and all the Wing of Life you can get (which isn’t many). Every TP recharger you can find, first aid (easy to get–first aid followed by elixir or x-herb). Be as fast as you can, and if Alicia is the fastest in your party that helps. Attack that first head when it comes out, leave the rear “death” head until the very end, as it causes the least damage. Your tanks need to hit very, very hard (36,000-100k+).

    I’m not sure if the debuffs work, but I used them. Protect your party first, rather than lowering the monsters–you can’t attack if you are dead. Max your speed, etc. It will be a struggle, and you will burn a mountain of resources (go in with 99 of the important ones!!). You will need to restore MP a few times (Heal All 2 for Alicia, and at least one other member with Heal All or Heal All 2). Keep Alicia ALIVE as her two turns are critical. Use the consumables to heal single members rather than using MP.

    If you have the points, get Miracle Gum from the IAP shop–all you can buy. You probably will need some of these.

    I probably missed a better strategy, as I only got “C” awards for all the big bosses in the “Extra Dungeon.”

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