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    MSG Commander

    I just started playing this game over the weekend and I’m really enjoying it so far. When you talk to people in towns sometimes you get different Aliases from them. Does anyone know what these are for?

    All your base are


    I found a save file on an old device and it looks as if some of the aliases affect stats. Of the aliases I have, these affect stats:

    Savior, Hero who saved the world (all stats up)
    Craftsman Pride, Alias from Staff Room (HP up)
    Great, Alias from Staff Room (ATK up)
    Errand Boy, Alias from Staff Room (all stats up)
    Board Gamer, Alias from Staff Room (HP, ATK, LUK, down and MP, MAG, MDF, up)
    Grade A Pig, Alias from Staff Roof (MAG, MDF, down)
    Yohan the Hard Enter, Alias from the Staff Room (MAG up)
    Sexy Pig, Alias from the Staff Room (HP, MP up, and SPD down)
    Yohan the Grade Skipper, Alias from Staff Room (HP=1, all other stats up)
    Final Choice, Alias from Staff Room, (ATK, MAG, down and DEF, SPD, MDF up)
    Yohan the Sugar King, Alias from Voice Actor (HP, DEF, MDF up and SPD down)
    Yohan the Smiley, Alias from Voice Actor (MP, MAG, MDF up and ATK, DEF down)
    Dumb Dumb, Alias from Voice Actor (ATK, SPD, MAG up and DEF, MDF, LUK down)

    There’s about 6 more that affect stats. All except the first one are from the staff room or voice actors. I have no idea what those that don’t show stat effects might do. Mayhaps they are just collectibles. :silly:

    Nevertheless, if you would like me to get you a full list of what I have, just let me know. 🙂

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.
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    MSG Commander

    Man, we just need to pass all your save data around like 9 or 10 people and we could have info for all the games in no time! :woohoo:

    Just kidding.

    But anyway thanks. The Aliases I’ve collected so far don’t appear to have any effect. But I’m only as far as the Volcano.

    For the ones that do affect stats, will it actually show up on the side there when you examine that Alias in the list?

    Thanks again.

    All your base are


    For the ones that do affect stats, will it actually show up on the side there when you examine that Alias in the list?

    Yeppers! This is what it will look like:


    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.

    I just finished the post game extra dungeon (whew–what an ordeal. I’m sure I didn’t have the best strategy, as I kept getting ‘C’ in all the boss battles.) I have all the monsters (according to the data list), but I’m missing several of the alias entries, all of which are on your list. How did you get them all? I’m going to write a review soon, so any comments, etc. you would like to share that might help my review, I’d appreciate it if you send them along.

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    I found one more: Silver Hero (all stats up)

    Older, but not wiser


    I don’t have a detailed list put together, but here’s a quickie of what I have:
    1 Savior Hero who saved the world
    2 ??? ??? (I suspect this is earned by defeating the extra boss?)
    3 Buff Alias given by Villager
    4 Speedy Alias given by Villager
    5 Magic Whiz Alias given by Villager
    6 Lucky Alias given by Villager
    7 Bad Knees Alias given by Villager
    8 Unhappy Alias given by Villager
    9 Dreamer Alias given by Villager
    10 Naïve Alias given by Villager
    11 Dog Lover Alias given by Villager
    12 Cat Lover Alias given by Villager
    13 Failure Alias given by Villager
    14 My Wifey Alias given by Villager
    15 My Hubby Alias given by Villager
    16 Sumo! Alias given by Villager
    17 Attacker Alias given by Villager
    18 Defender Alias given by Villager
    19 Troublemaker Alias given by Villager
    20 Cool Alias given by Villager
    21 Pretty Alias given by Villager
    22 Cute Alias given by Villager
    23 Selfish Alias given by Villager
    24 Fitting in Alias given by Villager
    25 Spoiled Alias given by Villager
    26 Short Fuse Alias given by Villager
    27 Go-getter! Alias given by Villager
    28 Spirit Lead Ye who guides spirits
    29 Pampered My master’s mad at me…
    30 Immortal The one who doesn’t die
    31 Food Chain Scrumptious! More!
    32 Duchess of Death Girl who saved Altria
    33 Young Brat ……
    34 Shutin Girl who was ignored
    35 Sweet Tooth Nom nom…
    36 Nightmare A legendary assassin
    37 Shiny Head Hohoho
    38 Golden Flash Lady dragoon with spear
    39 Foolish W-what was that again?
    40 Peacekeeper World Saving Warrior
    41 Fishy I’m sorry…
    42 Reaper Alias of a Four Horsemen
    43 Wild Girl Bwahahahaha
    44 Nihilist Alias of a Four Horsemen
    45 Going Forward I shall atone for my sin
    46 Shadow Alias of a Four Horsemen
    47 Black Bean …
    48 Black Pepper … …
    49 Dark Angel … … …
    50 Craftsman Pride Alias from Staff Room
    51 Kitty Master Alias from Staff Room
    52 Great Alias from Staff Room
    53 Errand Boy Alias from Staff Room
    54 Board Gamer Alias from Staff Room
    55 Grade A Pig Alias from Staff Room
    56 Hard Enter Alias from Staff Room
    57 Sexy Pig Alias from Staff Room
    58 Grade Skipper Alias from Staff Room
    59 Final Choice Alias from Staff Room
    60 Sugar King Alias from Voice Actor
    61 Smiley Alias from Voice Actor
    62 Dumb Dumb Alias from Voice Actor
    63 Dreamer Alias from Voice Actor
    64 Roly Poly Alias from Voice Actor
    65 Phantom Warrior Alias from Voice Actor
    66 Bumbling Detective Alias from Voice Actor
    67 Sleepless Alias from Voice Actor
    68 Ecstasy Alias from Voice Actor


    Sorry this isn’t pretty. I have a dog on my lap. So, it’s just a simple copy/paste. lol  I haven’t (obviously) beaten that extra boss (Neo Azatoth?) yet. It was taking too long. If you have any strategies, please share. 🙂

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.

    Yes, #2 is “Silver Hero” all stats up. I honestly don’t remember where I got it, but probably after defeating the final boss in the extra dungeon. I was so beat by the end of the battle and only paid attention to the reward (I’ll be posting that after I get my review done).

    Older, but not wiser

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