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    Shadow X

    Hello To you all

    Well, i just unlocked Land of Demise, i have all chars at Lv 150 with Infrated Gem Lv 10, Windwill Gem Lv 10 and Lacquer Gem Lv 10.

    SNP Shop – 2 Hidden Loot Shops Unlocked, 1 Item Master, 2 Omniguard (Farming to buy 1 for each character, aside Ein which Spirit Gear resist debuffs).

    I have the First Gear Set available to fortify at +1, 11 million Gold and 99 Orichalchum From White/Gold Hares at Library Hidden Treasure Shop.

    I know that there is post gear content, so i wanna ask if there is stronger gear sets to get before fortify or these are the only ones?


    This goes way back in time, so I don’t remember, but I booted my old tablet and here is what my characters, all at lev 150, had in the post-game.

    THeo: Assassin Claw, Assassin Bracers, Assassin Outfit, Assassin Shoes

    Blade: Excalibur, Royal Shield, Royal Armor, Royal Boots

    Secile: Blossom Edge, Dragonborn Bracers, Dragonborn Armor, Dragonborn Shoes

    Alicia: Artemis, Athena Gloves, Athena Dress, Athena Shoes

    Yohan: Trident, Aegis Shield, Aegis, Talaria

    Ein: Soul Sword, Spirit Bracers, Spirit Suit, Spirit Shoes

    Elena: Tall Hammer, Nun Shield, Arcana Robes, Nun Shoes

    Latea: Brionac, Bahamut Shield, Bahamut Armor, Bahamut Shoes

    Lynn: Yggdrasill, Mage Bangle, Warlock Robe, Warlock Shoes

    Abyss: Thanatos, Animal Paw, Legendary Pajamas, Kitty Flops

    These may not be the most powerful equipment items, because sometimes I find other items with effects that I find more valuable (at least that is my usual practice in games, but I don’t remember if that is the case in this game).

    Older, but not wiser

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    Shadow X

    Thanks, Those are exactly the gear set i have right now, so i guess i will be farming an Immense Amount of Orichalcums for Lv+9 in everything.

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