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    To get to the button to open the doors:
    1. Take top right elevator. This is forced (skip the silly first elevator you come to).
    2. This elevator is also forced. Just stay on top level, go left and take the elevator.
    3. This elevator is also forced. Go down the left side and follow the long path along the bottom and take the first elevator you come to.
    4. Be careful here. Go down from the elevator and go RIGHT and UP to the top; go right and take the elevator.
    5. Go left, down, then ride the blue arrows back up. Take the first elevator to your left. Do NOT go past it.
    6. Follow path to the upper left corner elevator.
    7. You are there. Press the button.
    You now can reach this same elevator from the entrance just by following the path left and up.
    After you press the button, you have a simple path to the restore point (and boss).
    8. Take that same upper left corner elevato.
    9. Follow the path all the way around to the upper right corner elevator.
    10. You are there and can go directly to the restore point.

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