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    I took a look at several of the game pages and several of hem have the game info. I was thinking that the users who have played and completed a game can submit an in game screenshot of their save file (Including True Ending and other stuff) whereas I could compile and give the average playtime of the Kemco games as to help users figure out which games they should play.

    The photos would have to be taken RIGHT from the game as proof that the game is finished. One example would be for Asdivine cross whereas you can see that the player has finished the game (lack of current quest, the Square, Lv. 999 Characters, etc.) in order for the playtime to be accepted.  Example is shown below (Plz no judge)

    Then I would be compiling all of the data to provide MSG with the playtime based on the number of results I recieved. The reason I ask for images is so that we dont have “bad data” that could provide misleading results. I would be more than happy to recieve images and compile the data.

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    I think that’s a really good idea.

    How many submissions do you think you’d need for one game, to be able to draw a decent average?

    All your base are


    This will be so awesome but I just have a simple request if you can put this up, it can be just a text on the post that state how long each game is on one playthrough without counting post-game even just an estimation is fine. I’m really not a post-content guy and I’m sure there are many others like me out there.

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    I would probably need 5 or more pictures optimally but since this idea is new, i’ll take any end game screencaps if people want to contribute their stats. Basically, it’s a volunteer style thing so I can make do with 2 but as I get more results, the more accurate the average becomes. I do need to know if it’s the main game of the post game so that my data dosent get muddled up. I’ll probably make a post asking people to inbox their endgame screenshots.

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