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    Well, maybe it doesn’t needs to be on the editor, specially because it’s often difficult to mess on advanced text editing boxes (specially WYSIWYG*), but it would be convenient at least a list of emotions.

    For example, : + ) = πŸ™‚

    This actually isn’t important and does very little in improving communication, but it’s nice to know which emotions you can use, specially when there is no preview. πŸ˜‰

    PS. Apparently preview can be done using AJAX to submit the text to the syntax parser when clicking a button, and writing the return on a div of it’s own.
    It’s not so hard to do as it first seems, but it depends on the access you have, and how the forum was built.
    As long that you have a page (say, render.php) that receives the text in POST (HTML developers know what I’m talking about, input method=POST), does the conversion, and writes the final text, it’s rather easy to implement, and you can do it copying examples on the internet.

    And I went off-topic, ops :s
    Either way, this post is mostly to suggest a emotion cheat-sheat πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the attention

    Jesusalva / Jesusaves (Buy me a coffee!) / (Sponsor the website!)

    Make your time.

    MSG Commander

    It’s definitely worth a shot to compile a list. Might take some trial and error because I’m not sure myself what’s all allowed.

    Test: typing an emoji in bold. :) = πŸ™‚

    EDIT: type the first symbol in bold, and it won’t process the emoji code…

    All your base are

    MSG Commander

    P.S. I actually understand (conceptually) your notes about Preview. But I know nothing of AJAX.

    If you’re interested in consulting on this (on a volunteer level) send me a PM. Maybe we can figure it out together. ? (cheat emoticon from my phone keyboard)

    All your base are


    Yea I was wondering why a colon and a parenthesis thingy always converted into πŸ™‚.

    (If they’re not called a colon and a parenthesis thingy, then correct me. I don’t like ELA class)

    Ω©( ᐛ )و


    There is a list (not complete) of ascii based emoticons (not graphic emojii) on wiki at Ascii Emoticons .Β  So you can either search by the text, and see if it will “publish” as an emoticon, or browse through the emoticons to see what text renders them.Β  Not as clean and easy as a preview window, but not bad either.

    Older, but not wiser

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