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    I don’t know a thing about the visuals of bbcode, so it’s nigh impossible to see the results of sandboxing without making a post or using some other forum that runs the same code. I prefer making nice-looking posts without hitting the edit button later so I don’t look stupid 🙂

    That’s why I’m asking for a preview button before actually submitting.


    Yes, this is one of the oldest and most important ideas, MSG Comander was learning Javascript and PHP just to make it possible 🙂

    BUT I never thought on a Sandbox forum, must give you that. 😮

    MSG Commander

    I am working on it (albeit rather slowly). From what I know so far, it’s more complicated to preview bbcode than standard html, because there are extra steps involved in “rendering” the code.

    Also, the guy who develops the forum plugin I’m using has said he might add this feature in coming months. There may be other options as well but right now I can’t say with any certainty, that I absolutely know how or when this will happen. Only that it’s something I’m aware of, and something that I also really want.

    All your base are

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    For now the “Sandbox Forum” idea holds still?
    From what I conjectured, a possible placeholder would be a forum (or rather, a topic) dedicated to testing bbcode and etc.

    A place where the content is utterly meaningless, which purpose is solely play and test BBCode features and such.

    I also found some nice HTML code, btw :D :)
    That above is the code block. 😀


    You cannot use , it's HTML-only
    Hello, I am  Jesusalva , My email is not [email protected],
    there's no Underline,
    also no Tag s also known as <s>strike-though</s> text,
    and, uhm... I better stop editing this post...

    MSG Commander

    I know this is not the best solution, but for now if you want to play with bbcodes just use this topic. (Unfortunately, it will show as new posts in the “Topics” list, but people can just ignore the whole topic, as I’ve updated the title to indicate it’s for testing purposes.)

    Also here’s the link to “Allowed BBcodes.

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