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    MSG Commander

    Actually the one I’m looking at is here:

    Well, actually, I’m more interested in their Pro version (check out the demos):

    It looks really cool; I just haven’t found the time to really try it out. I might get to it before summer ends, but I just don’t know yet.

    All your base are

    MSG Commander

    I’ve made one other change to the games landing page: the User Reviews score now shows in the bottom right corner of each image, like so:


    Note that any game that does NOT currently have User Reviews, will not show a score, but instead says “There are no user ratings at the moment.” (Which is kind of wordy, but that’s the way it’s programmed and I don’t want to go messing with the plugin.)

    So, this has the potential to provide a quick snapshot of the overall ratings for any game (and also, lets users quickly identify which games have not yet been reviewed… so if you see one you’ve played recently, please click on the image and leave a review for said game!!!)

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