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    So, I’m not sure if everyone knows, but Google Lighthouse can give suggestions to improve page load times and such.

    I’ve noticed that The Mana World phpBB forums reload in a second or two, while this WordPress based forums take almost half minute to refresh.

    I’m attaching here the Lighthouse reports (they also give suggestions for plugins and practices, not only on performance).

    By the way, Lighthouse scores were:

    Perfomance: 18/100 (Bad)

    Accessibility: 86/100 (Average)

    Best Practices: 79/100 (Average)

    SEO: 72/100 (Average)

    Progressive Web App: Unreliable, not optmized for HTTPS


    The report itself is quite extensive, so feel free to use the web version instead, which is easier to read.


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    PS. These are suggestions generated by a machine, some might be easy to implement while others, not so much =/

    If you can do them – Great! But if not, don’t worry too much :p

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