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    When selecting your active party using the “Formation” command (under “Strategy”), you might get the message,  “The size is over the range.”  This is not an error, but a feature.  Each monster has a “size” ranging from 1-3 , but you can’t see it except in the “Book” (Thanks to Mastertrek).  Most monsters have a size of 1, but the higher level monsters have 2-3.  The total of the sizes of all monsters in your active party cannot exceed 4.  So you could have 4 monsters of size 1, or say 2 monsters of size 2, or even 2 monsters with a 1 and 3.  You might think, well, it is a weakness to have only 3 active monsters, so why choose that?  Well, it turns out that “size” also dictates the number of consecutive “turns” the monster gets during his turn.  That is, a monster of size 3 gets to attack/magic 3 times in a row!  For example, the World Tree monster has size 3.  He can wield a weapon that strikes twice each “attack.”  This means that the World Tree can land 6 strikes in a single “turn.”  Even better, if the World Tree has enough MP, he can use his 6 strike magic to land 18 hits in a single “turn.”

    How do you know the size of any monster?  Just try fitting it in your party after putting in 3 monsters of size one.  If it fits, the monster is a one.  If not, try fitting it in your party after putting in 2 monsters of size one, etc.  Or you can just follow Mastertrek’s advice in look in the “Book” (upper right corner of most monster details).

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    Note : Monster Size IS visible at Monster Book => Enter (Details).

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