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    Some game designs are just plain cruel.  You may remember the nasty special boss drops in Tenmilli RPG as an example of deliberate player torment.   A similar situation appears in Summon Mate (also by the same game creator).

    An NPC does tell you that there are 9 unusual monsters roaming the world (in the post-game).  Fair enough, it isn’t unusual to have search the globe.  Let’s say you  are able to find all 9 of these monsters.  You have found that just about every monster in the game does drop something, so it is reasonable to expect that these 9 monsters will also.   Again, fair enough.  So you start to battle, and when nothing drops right away, well, ok, so these are somewhat rare drops.  You continue to battle.



    After several attempts, you manage to defeat all 9 monsters and get their drops.  But you see that you are still 2 items short of the 100% item completion.  Although you thought you had found all the items, there is no treasure finder, so perhaps you missed something in a dungeon.  Do you revisit all the dungeons?  Maybe, but before you do, just as a double check, you pound away on a monster, over and over, to see if it has a second drop, even though no monster in the entire game has had more than a single drop.  A mean-spirited developer might have put an extra drop on two of these monsters.  After multiple failures, you finally get the monster to drop something…but it is just a repeat of what it dropped before.  After some nasty language you direct at the developer, you plan to revisit the dungeons.

    But you would be wrong.  This developer is far nastier than that.  If you persevere and continue pounding on that monster, maybe you get lucky and sure enough, a second and new item drops!  Now you know what to do, so you make repeated battles against the other 8 special monsters, wearing out your fingers as you try for that rare drop.  Which monster has that extra drop?  I can just hear the developer laughing…as NONE of them do…that one monster with the second drop has a 3rd drop!!  I hope you had fun obtaining all the dropped items…I sure did not.

    As the ads on tv say, “But wait…there’s more.”  Suppose you have found all the monsters, and all the drops from the unusual monsters (see above), and have opened every chest, bought every item/equipment from all the shops, but are still one item short of completion (250 items=100%, but sadly, your have only 249).  Of course you retrace EVERY dungeon, EVERY shop…but nothing turns up.  What to do?



    You may have noticed that the “Mysterious Forest” seems to have random placement of treasure chests.  What you didn’t know, unless you got lucky, is that NOT ALL CHESTS ARE PRESENT on any particular entry into the Mysterious Forest.  This means that you may have to enter it and search it multiple times to have every possible treasure chest (there are 16 different items available, but only some of them (11??) are “unique” items that you need to get to 250).

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    Well, Tenmilli-rpg Secret Requirements were At least Fair as All Bosses Could drop All Items AND there was an Info about that (of course in Japanese which made it tough to find out).

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    And Let’s not forget the Excalibur II which is By Far the Most Brutal Item to get in terms of Collectionist.

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    So did you get all 250 Items now or you missed something from Other places?

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    Maybe you have the list of those drops and which Special Boss drops it? Note : Making All Monsters is still more tedious than getting drops although it’s just for now.

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