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    Just discovered this awesome game. Been playing for several hours now. Got a couple of questions.

    Has anyone here done the Left and Right Towers without using Remotes? I sort of want to attempt it but my initial attempts have been frustrating to say the least.

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    It has been some time since I played, but I think I found it much easier to use the Remotes.

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    Yeah, I went ahead and slogged through the ads to get the remotes. Also finished the game, just have to finalize creating all the monsters. 😀

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    Congrats on making it through the game.  I didn’t think Summon Mate was much fun (you can see my post in the blog area), but another game from the same developer, Tenmilli RPG, is worth investigating.  The “regular” game isn’t exciting, but the “bonus” area, using “clear” data, has some unusual and interesting dungeons.  The battles aren’t a problem, but the dungeons require some creative thinking.  You can browse the forum about it to get a feel for the game.


    Another game with some interest is Eternal Concord.  It has an unusual (and fun) Arena in the post game.  The developer keeps tweaking the game to make it more balanced.  In the latest version, the Arena is slightly more difficult than before, but no change in tactics is needed.  By the way, the developer is very receptive to comments.

    Creating all the monsters in Summon Mate isn’t difficult, but is time consuming.  And don’t forget the 9?? “Pals” if you are trying to complete that section, but the special drops from the “Pals” are a pain.


    Older, but not wiser

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