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    Can someone please help me find the Satori Book? I have been looking for a while now. I know some people are saying the mysterious cave? Is this actually the mysterious forest? Because I have searched there for a long time. Please help?


    Uh, what game is this?

    Also, I think you might be in the wrong section. This is Help under General chat- Try looking for [game title] in the group Kemco Games. Other than that, I’m not sure if I know of anything helpful. Other people might though.

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    So when you enter Oshiro castle jail after you’ve completed the left and right towers and past that, talk to the pig man. He’ll tell you that a person in the jail cell opposite his has escaped to some caves up north of Oshiro castle. He’s talking about the North caves. Walk around in there until you find a man with grey hair. Hell ask you if you want to burn in hell, so pick yeas and he’ll turn into the devildom god which you will havt to fight (hard)

    Once that is completed he will announce himself as claw, and the conversation will end. Talk to him again and you will receive the satori book. (Events and results will vary with whatever version you’re using.) My memory might have failed me so if that didn’t work fly to the place east of the caves. It’ll look like stairs going down.

    That’s the Hades dungeon, and it’s a lot like the devil dungeon and the one with king Arthur. It’s a randomly generated dungeon. Go to the end and fight the destruction god (even harder) and he’ll give you the ruin book or satori book. I forgot.

    I hope this helps, if you need more help ask me more


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    And wait I forgot, but if what I said above is wrong, then go to the basement in next castle. There is a jail cell with a portal hat leads to a mysterious cave. its a lot like the sealed forest, you get lost easily. When you find a flight of stairs going down, go to them and fight the boss (I tkink its a giga devil or elemental devil) and down there will be a chest with (I think) the satori book


    I love anything kemco, shiftup, and summon mate!


    yea it was in mysterious cave, but you need to go to mirror castle to get the next castle key to open the portal to the cave

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