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    I am newbine. I download and play Summon Mate about 17h. I have see List monters combine “Devil Eel + Dark Birk = Megapharynx” but i can’t find Devil Eel. I read “Monter Habitat” only hint “Place 1 – Field”. What is “Field” mean? I thinks maybe without Dungeon that monters on Field, i run over all map but i don’t see “Devil Eel”. Can you help me please?  picture, location, info …”DEVIL EEL”.


    “Field” means NOT in a dungeon or building/town, but on the surrounding areas, say around a town or castle, or just traveling.  In the case of the “Devil Eel,” the name itself is a clue: eels are found in the Ocean.  And sure enough, on the developer website, it says Devil Eel is found in the ocean.

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