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    Hello I would like to ask if anyone has a list of the size 1 monsters in the game and which among them is the best damage dealer.



    Most are size one.  You can see all the sizes at japanese wiki which can be translated to English via Google Chrome browser.  I have no idea which is strongest.  I tended to use Lizard Man (lizar).

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    [SPOILERS!!!] It’s been a while everyone. And guess what? I’m back now!


    So for starters I have been doing some research on Summon Mate and have found some pretty good monsters of all sizes. But start off with let’s talk about the pros and cons of the different sizes.

    The max number of monsters one can have in party is four, but the max size allotment is five. So to make it simple a party of four size 1s, three size one’s and a two, two size two’s and a one, two size one’s and a three (gods, certain dragons), and finally a single size two and three together. Phew and that is all of them 😂 (I think). If I missed any possible combinations please correct me, but I believe that is all of them.


    Now onto the next part. While Size ones are a good choice for a party for their variety, they tend to be the squishiest of the sizes.  A party of one’s can easily be wiped by say a strong size three monster with two size one’s to heal and/or buff it. So I have found that it is better to max out the size allotment than to have all one’s.

    That said I have been compiling findings as to which monsters have the best potential for their size. I will start with size one. While granted it takes a lot to make these two, the Dark and Light Queens are by far the best monsters for their size. But be prepared for A LOT of grinding.

    [SPOILER] The best place for that is in the post game, Monster Road 3 [SPOILER END].

    The fastest way to grind is to have a monster that can deal 1000 damage to all enemies in a single. If you come close to that a back up monster or two set auto physical to finish off any that suffice.

    Spells like Prominence, Firestorm, Mudflow, Rainstorm and the like are good candidates for this kind of damage.

    In a few days I will be finished making a Light Dark Queen. The process I use is simple, but time consuming. It is as follows: pick the monster want, break it down to ALL of its combinations, max out its level (A LOT OF GRINDING), happy and lucky rings are a must, and obtain two copies of each monster that eventually make the target monster.

    Now on to the fun part! In order to avoid more endless grinding, watch those ads from the lantern in Mirror Castle until you you think you have enough EXP POTIONS. This may take quite a few videos, but it is well worth it. If you don’t know which room it is in, then you really shouldn’t be reading this faq 😜. Once you have enough potions go back to Shrine City. Before you begin fusing equip the first of the pair with the state stone of your choice. And repeat the process until you have your monster. This way you have an extremely powerful version of your monster.

    Now for an example. Let’s take Cerberus, a physical striker. To make one from scratch one will need the following: Werewolf + (Snow type), another Werewolf, and either one more Werewolf or a Silver Werewolf. This combination in this order will result in a Cerberus. The first thing to gather is all of the monsters needed which are six Werewolves, and four Byakko Once all of those are gathered go watch those ads for the EXP POTIONS. In this case you will need nine potions. Then the grinding. Make sure to equip those rings. Once they are maxed out fusing. For a hard hitting Cerberus I would use the power stone, and for a fast one I would use an agility stone. Then equipping the stone combine the pairs, to make three +1 Werewolves and two +1 Byakko (making sure to swap the stone for each fusing). Then combine two of the Werewolves with the Byakko for two +3 Silver Werewolves. Then take one Silver and fuse it with the last Werewolf to make an Orthrus. Then take the Orthrus and the last Silver Werewolf. And VOILA, you have yourself a Cerberus. Of its two highest stats Agility is first, and Attack is second. Personally when I make a Cerberus this way I make a fast Cerberus and put a Twin Claw on it. But for stronger Cerberi I would use the Legend Claw.

    So there you have it. I hope this helps. And have fun making your custom party ☠️.

    My next installment will be a full breakdown of the Queens I mentioned and the best method to make the most of their spells elements and stats. And which equipment serves them best.

    Stay tuned!

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