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    In Enah lvl (the awards), it is seen there that there are 44 places that can be warped. And I only have 43 warped places registered. I checked the catalog and there is 1 undiscovered area after the Other section (which is after Energi Park or Arena related catalog). Or let’s say its at the very bottom of the catalog list. Can anyone tell me where is this last place? I just wanna finish the Enah lvl.



    Maybe you’ve discovered it on your own by now, but just in case: The location in question is Dogenkasen Tower, located on the central northern island southwest of the Guild and Erala Forest. In order to enter Dogenkasen Tower, you must buy the Key of Labor in the in-game’s premium shop for 200 Glowstones.

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    1. Where is dead land?
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