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    For the weapons, the strongest weapons I found are the Enha greatsword, Enah Maces, and Enah Bazooka in the final post-game dungeon, energy park. Though unfortunately, they don’t look as good as the final version of the Magiweapons which are supposed to be the “ultimate weapons” of the story.

    For the best armor, you find them in the other 2 post-game dungeons (Enkeradoss mines, and Nibil false tomb) with an armor (Kratia Shuva, Veritas crop) and a helmet (Rebel hat, Fimbul veil) in each dungeon. The third character is unfortunately stuck with the second strongest armor, the collapser armors found guarded by a mini-boss in the final dungeon (Tournoire). I don’t remember where the second strongest helmets are found but they are the holy turban, and the Rasboynica.

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