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    Here’s some spoiler-free Sword of Elpisia battle tips. I’m writing them with the hardest difficulty of Chaos in mind, but they should apply to any difficulty. As usual, there won’t be any story details, and there won’t be any details about specific boss fights.

    What to spend Shop currency on? One of the first Shop purchases I recommend is Step-by-Step Plate armor, which forces encounters with every step. It saves a LOT of time when doing daily Guild missions to earn more Shop currency, or during monster-hunting sidequests.

    The party’s AP (used to cast physical skills) regenerates completely with every encounter triggered by Step-by-Step Plate. If the party uses an Attract Tube to trigger encounters instead, then the party must fight three battles in a row with no AP refresher – the party members have to spend turns using Charge to get their AP back until all three battles are over!

    Step-by-Step Plate also has very strong defensive stats in the early game, and can be useful against bosses. Just don’t put it on until there’s a warning about an impending boss fight.

    Spending Shop currency on the Secret Room option to make enemies drop stat boosters is a judgement call. It can be helpful to feed all stat boosters to one character from the early game onward, but in the postgame, it’s much faster to grind stat boosters from the Secret Arena with the difficulty set to Easy.

    Be warned that Chaos difficulty is balanced around unlocking the +100% physical and +100% magical damage boosters from the Secret Room. These should be top priority, and you may want to buy a couple ranks before getting Step-by-Step Plate since you have to progress a ways into the game to access Guild missions.

    Early in the game, magical damage is easier to unleash than physical damage. Late in the game, physical attacks will have the highest hitting potential, especially Aldo’s endgame physical attacks.

    The next Shop purchase I recommend is the Secret Room option to boost weapon/armor synthesis experience. Synthesis doesn’t alter the skills on weapons or armor, but it can make the passive abilities (such as bad status resistance) on armor stronger – this happens if and only if the consumed armor has the same type of passive ability as the armor being strengthened. More synthesis experience makes it easier to boost the offensive/defensive weapon/armor bonus up to a maximum of +999. Extra weapons and armor are almost never useless – they can make your best equipment stronger!

    I recommend buying the Shop’s key to the bonus dungeon last. The Shop dungeon has an amusing side-story, but its treasures aren’t that great for their required level. The first floor of the Shop dungeon is intended for the early game; the second floor is intended for the midgame (around when sidequest #10 can be completed), and the third floor is intended for the endgame. You have to re-solve an annoying puzzle on the first floor every time you want to proceed deeper, though.

    The New Year’s Kimono is a good endgame/postgame Shop purchase, especially for your primary attacker. It’s very useful for killing metal monsters, since it guarantees critical hits if the wearer is at full health. However, metal monsters are rare – there is no metal or gold dungeon – and metal monsters are not needed to quickly grind to level 999.

    When selecting weapons for your party, pay close attention to both the weapon’s passive bonus (connected to weapon type) and its skills (which are random for each weapon, although stronger skills become available as the party gains levels). At first each party member can only equip one type of weapon, giving them access to two physical skills; as the game progresses, they can eventually equip three types of weapons, giving them six physical skills. If the same skill is on 2-3 different equipped weapons, then the skill gets a + or a ++ designation and has a much faster rebound time.

    One of the best weapon skills in the game is Ariel’s Assist Change, which gives her turn to another party member. If that party member just used a hard-hitting skill with a long rebound time, then Assist Change negates the rebound time and the other party member can immediately attack again!

    When selecting armor for your party, pay close attention to the bonuses from the armor’s general type and the passive bonuses on the armor. Most stat-based passive bonuses are very weak; even synthesis won’t raise the bonus stats above 200 or so. Elemental damage reduction bonuses are also pretty weak. Evasion or counter bonuses are mediocre. The best bonuses are resistance to bad status or resistance to stat-down buffs, both of which will save the party many turns in tough battles.

    When synthesizing weapons or armor, be aware that you can mark certain weapons or armor as “Favorite” with a closed-lock picture next to them. Favorite weapons/armor will never be consumed by synthesis. With your favorites marked, you can then buy 80 pieces of equipment and synthesize them all at once for a weapon/armor bonus, which is as good a use as any for unneeded gold.

    95% of the time the best accessories for the party are Void Bangles, which are relatively easy to get early. They change a party member’s natural element to Void, meaning that THE ENEMY CAN’T GET EXTRA TURNS BY HITTING A PARTY MEMBER’S ELEMENTAL WEAKNESS. Late in the game, sacrificing one party member’s Void Bangle for the Imperial Bangle (+15% to all stats) might be a worthwhile risk. Of course, the party should use their own elemental magic/attacks to hit enemy weaknesses and get extra turns whenever possible.

    I recommend concentrating all stat boosters on Aldo and making him a primary damage dealer. Nate’s primary job is to debuff the enemy’s stats and use his Earth magic spell to extend the duration of enemy stat debuffs. Ariel’s primary job is to buff the party’s stats and pass turns with Assist Change. However, when one is against REALLY tough enemies, such as randomly encountered dragons, it’s time to bust out powerful consumables from the Guild Arena shop (which is not a cash shop). Arena consumables that buff all of the party’s stats by 2 ranks or decrease all of the enemy’s stats by 2 ranks are invaluable in the toughest fights.

    Reaching level 999 won’t max out the party’s stats. The quickest way to do that is to lower the difficulty to Easy and repeatedly fight the Secret Arena. Be warned that if one does not lower the difficulty, then the Secret Arena is ferociously difficult; it’s much harder than main game’s final boss.

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