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    The new research about this game
    New information
    Avatar of heavens
    Mp:20000(possible to be absorbed)
    Steal:zeradonal ore(useless)
    1.obtain 3 orlov(steal item from Avatar of abyss,at same time you before you able to fight this guy,you able to farm a lot zeradonal ore)
    2.when your level reach 90,you should at least max all tablets from all character(need a lot of patience(with 3 draupnir you able to do this)
    3.create 3 tupsimati(improtant)
    4.just kill that Avatar of heavens (there is no need to use secret potions of heavens, dauturu able to dealt 5k-6k damage with visulgia punish(with enchanted weapon)and kreist able to dealt 7k damage with grandcross(with charge and enchanted weapon) while laishutia dealt 12k damage(critical, mana enhance and magic up)
    5.beware Avatar of heavens skill(nearly all of em is dangerous)
    1.judgement nova:randomly hit your teams 8 times(physical skill)
    2.i’ll have you as food:absorb your mp by 100%(light elements)
    3.i’ll make you a bloody meat(maybe):absorb your HP by 40-50%(phsycal skill)
    4.light nova?(maybe):AOE attack to your teams(light elements, of.course)
    5.cleave:1 hit normal attack it shall be done with the most basic party member
    1.kreist: 2 tupsimati
    2.dauturu:1 tupsimati 1 orlov
    3.laishutia:1 light quartz 1 orlov
    you will get 90000 exp,40000 gold,100 tp,and thats it,mahahaahah(i only use 5 lucklau,7 spilrau,1(or non)spirit potions of elves and 1 soma)
    Final boss:grazard
    Race:? Weakness:-(non)
    Mp:16000(possible to be absorbed)
    How to win:use a hidden skill “protection of aegislute” right away,since the normal attack of this guy dealt 1000 damage without aegislute(level 90-99)and it’s was to **** powerfull
    Skill: weak useless:no damage for 2 attack(grazard only use this skill for 2 times)
    2.trample:AOE attack to party,dealt 500-700(only 300-400 when your level reach level 90-99)
    3.take this:dealt 1200-1800 damage(additional effect…..deathblow(instant death)
    4.drown in sea of chaos: each turn your hp and mp decreased by 2%(the nasty skill?)
    5.punch?:a normal attack,only dealt 300 damage,attack 1 of your party member
    6.trample-ex?(I forget it real name):an extremely high damage AOE skill

    This one is telling the

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    J. D. Guy

    1.obtain 3 orlov(steal item from Avatar of abyss

    How do you get more than one? Is the Avatar of the Abyss refightable? (Do the other bonus bosses that have the precious gemstones also respawn?

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    Hello, It”s me again. I Looked at that Farm Guide, and i want to ask. By now i have

    *All Chars around Lv 80~82

    *All Tablets Mastered For All Heroes

    -At Hollow-Earth Deeps-

    Kreist – Digilia Throw, Tira Atias, Tupsimati, Burglar Shoes

    Dauturu – Berensranka, Dumbreit, Orlov, Assassin’s Shoes

    Laishutia – Ryulareite, Stratia, Warning Amulet, Burglar’s Bracelet.

    The strategy i use is have Kreist with Phy Attack, Accuracy, Crit Rate , Speed Lv 2 and Reduce Usage Lv 5. Simply using Light Menace with Berserk Position. Dau/Laish just attack normal or uses Spirit Herbs at Kreist if he gets Low on MP.

    So before going after Avatar of Heavens, i want to know, how did you obtain 3 Orlovs? You did New Game+ and Rushed to get to fight Avatar of Abyss Again and Again and started farming XP after his Third Steal?




    I beat that toughest of the game monsters at level 65 as below:


    kreist feeds items, dau with dark crystal uses heavy crush, Lish uses healing wind-an alternate method is to have Lish use chaoticraze, mana enhance if possible, and your other 2 in the party the other two use items

    The  winning key was getting improved armor with zeradonal ore (which is easy to get as drops in the Heavens’ Cavern)

    I have another description of the battle in my prior post #4396.

    Older, but not wiser

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