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    J. D. Guy

    I ask, because I’m pretty sure I got the treasure chest that’s in the cell with the Skeleton in the second room in the dungeon, but I got something other than the Burglar’s Shoes.

    On the off-chance, can anybody with the 3DS version confirm what they got in the chest in The Old Ruins’ second area behind the locked cell? And also, where the heck are the Burglar’s Shoes in that version?

    Thanks in advance for any and all help, as always.

    EDIT: I decided to start a new game right quick and progress back to the chest, since it’s not that far from the beginning.

    There was a Special Potion of Life inside. Where my Burglar Shoes at? :/

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    DELETED–thought I had info on 3ds, but it was the android version

    Older, but not wiser

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    Hmm,i know burglar shoes was exist and can be found at old ruin……,but i dunno what happen at DS(i am not interested)well good luck surviving dude

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