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    Yaw sneaky boi

    I’m some way through this game right now (Abode of Light) I think I found the tablet there, anyway is there anyone who knows where all of the tablets are?

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    Leinoy Town: Hunter Tablet, Mage Tablet

    The Old Ruins : Thief Tablet

    Welmiel Town: Fighter Tablet, Enchanted Tablet

    Allein Town: Mage Tablet (Item Shop

    The Cave of the Abyss: Holy Priest Tablet

    The Abode of the Earth : High Mage Tablet

    The sealed ruins : Paladin Tablet

    The Abode of the Waters : Assassin Tablet

    The Abode of the Light : Wizard Tablet

    The Sword of Heaven : Brave Fighter Tablet

    Note that it’s only for Normal game and there might be some other stuff.

    Check out this Location Walkthrough which probably has a lot of info 🙂

    Welcome 😇

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    Ooooo……well alright

    This one is telling the

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