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    Symphony of Eternity isn’t a hard game, but it isn’t an easy game either. Paying attention to the game’s unique mechanics is required. I thought I’d make a list of spoiler-free battle tips. There won’t be any story spoilers, and there won’t be any strategies for specific bosses.

    The number of turns that party members or enemies get each round is fixed. Speed (and merit points in “Speed”) only affect when a character’s battle action happens.

    Some items or skills are faster to use than others. Herbs are often better to use than potions, because they take effect more quickly (ideally, before the enemy kills the injured character).

    The gauge underneath the battle screen shows the impending order of selected battle actions. You can see whetherΒ  a party member will act before or after the enemy before finalizing your commands for a round of battle. This is especially useful for setting up combo attacks.

    When a party member’s “Break” gauge is 100%, they can use it to power up a damage-dealing attack… or they can use it to act ahead of their normal turn order! If you absolutely need to cast a healing spell or use a resurrection item before the enemy’s turn, you can use the “Break” gauge to do it.

    The in-game menu has a useful help section for reviewing the merit point system; it tells you what the different merit point categories do. Merit points won’t change a character’s battle statistics in the status screen, but merit points do have a multiplier effect. For example, maxing out a character’s Magic Attack merit points often lets them kill regular enemies with a single attack spell.

    Characters get “free” merit points as they level up, and THESE “FREE” MERIT POINTS CAN BE REALLOCATED AT ANY TIME OUTSIDE OF COMBAT. This is extremely important to remember if, for example, you want to allocate merit points to “Attack” or “Magic Attack” for regular encounters, then switch merit points to “Defense” or “Magic Defense” for a boss fight.

    Characters also get “fixed” merit points from their equipment. Stronger equipment gives more “fixed” merit points. If equipment is “forged” rather than just “bought”, the player can choose where its merit points are allocated. Equipment merit points can be changed only by forging new equipment.

    If a character can choose between two pieces of equipment at a shop, usually one piece has more merit points, while the other piece has some beneficial effect and fewer merit points. The piece with more merit points is usually better, though perhaps not always.

    For most of the game, I recommend putting equipment merit points into “Resistance”. Maxed out “Resistance”Β  makes a character immune to all bad status except Stun, and immune to all debuffs. Later in the game, merit points in “Defense” or “Magic Defense” can help characters survive against the more dangerous bosses.

    The job system is very simple. The “Tablet” menu option lets characters equip a job book or a gear kit. As long as the tablet/kit is equipped, the character has access to that job’s basic skills, and learns TP from encounters to enable permanent mastery of those skills. Completely mastering a job unlocks a special power, which may be innate merit points or a unique ability.

    For most of the game, it’s not worth the effort to completely master a job UNLESS doing so gives a unique ability. +5 merit points for mastering a job is an underwhelming reward. Save that grinding for the postgame, when TP is easier to earn.

    Pay attention to the inventory of each city’s shops! Some shops sell unique items, and some shops sell tablets for specific jobs.

    The most important treasure chests have tablets or kits for specific jobs. A few treasure chests have unique accessories. Some treasure chests are hidden behind secret passages that extend from “dead ends” in dungeons.

    Stealing from regular enemies isn’t worth the effort. Stealing is only worthwhile from bosses, and unique stolen items come only from the elemental bosses and a few optional bosses. These unique stolen items are the only missable things in the game. Optional bosses are not missable, although some of them can be hard to locate without a guide.

    If an enemy/boss has nothing to steal, the game will tell you. If an enemy/boss has a consumable item to steal, and you’re already carrying the maximum amount of that consumable, THE GAME WILL NOT TELL YOU. Instead, the game will just say “Steal failed” over and over again.

    Money is tight for most of the game, so don’t hesitate to sell powerful consumable items for cash when you need to.

    KEEP A SUPPLY OF CHEAP HEALING AND MP RESTORATION ITEMS ON HAND AT ALL TIMES. There will occasionally be situations where you need healing items, but going back to buy them is either tedious or impossible.

    Defeating the game and saving gives access to the postgame. The postgame features two optional dungeons and seven optional bosses. The postgame also adds a second blacksmith in the underground village, and a second item merchant to the hidden forest village, to help the player acquire more powerful equipment and consumables.

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    Do you get any more characters in your party besides Kreist, Laishutia and Dauturu (NO SPOILERS PLEASE)?

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    Do you get any more characters in your party besides Kreist, Laishutia and Dauturu (NO SPOILERS PLEASE)?

    Yes, there’s two more characters will join your adventures but like you said, no spoiler.

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    Couple of questions:

    is there anything that can be permanently missed?

    where can you get the best equipment in the game?


    Been a while but to get the best gear, you need to find some ores that let you craft the gear.

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    A unique elemental accessory can be stolen from each of the elemental storyline bosses. A couple of the postgame optional bosses (I don’t remember which ones) have unique equipment to steal.

    Those are the only missable things in the game, that I know of. There are no sidequests at all, and there is only one story path and one ending.

    If you miss any of the missable items, don’t bother restarting the game. You can just breeze through New Game+ with carried-over levels, if you want a perfect item collection.

    It’s possible to sell unique equipment, so be careful at shops.

    Favorite RPG of all time: Journey to Kreisia (by Exe-Create)

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    Thanks for the info, I just started the game on 3ds and it’s pretty enjoyable. It has a strange style, reminds me of a JRPG version of lemmings from the Amiga (not in a bad way).

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