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    I found only 3:

    -the dungeon near the Dwarven Hamlet

    -the tank boss on the snow island

    -the dungeon on one of the floating islands.

    are there any other locations beside those?


    There’s also a sea boss located underwater on the northwest end of the north island. Go north of Linache with your airship and then submerge the moment you get over water. The entrance is to the right of you inside an cove. Pictures below should help.


    General location of the area you should dive in.


    Location of the secret post-game cave.

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    There are two optional dungeons and seven optional bosses. You have to beat the game and load your cleared save file to access these optional bosses and dungeons. None of these optional bosses or dungeons have any story or dialogue at all; they’re just there for you to fight.

    Oldtymer posted a list, which I’ll link to below. The list thread does give a few details about the bosses – their HP, weaknesses, rewards, and estimated difficulty.

    I’ll give a quick summary of where to find the bosses on the list, without any other details.

    There are three “seabed cave” optional bosses. You have to use the submarine to reach them. The cave entrances are all very obvious and easy to find, just search the underwater map.

    There’s a boss in the ice cave on the snowy island, on the main world map (not the underwater map or the sky map).

    There’s a boss in the Valley of Flowers. The Valley of Flowers is on the main world map, on a small island with a few plant life squares. The Valley of Flowers is not a full-sized dungeon; it’s just a clearing with the boss.

    There’s an optional dungeon with an optional boss near the Dwarven Hamlet.

    There’s an optional dungeon with an optional boss in the sky map. It’s easy to find, just fly around on the airship and you’ll stumble across it. This optional boss is the only one that can be fought repeatedly; if you beat him, leave the dungeon, and return, he’ll come back.

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    Thank you very much for the information. I will try to challenge them, though I won’t bother if some are tough as I did almost everything else in the game.

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