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    In a posting on Alphadia Genesis, I wrote, ” My criteria for a great monster: it must be beatable, but require some trial and error to find the right tactics, and the battle should be uncertain and close. Also, it is a bonus if the appropriate tactics are not the same used for other tough monsters.”

    Crush, crumble, chomp…no those sounds aren’t a game title (a little joke), but the sound of me eating my words. I was force fed by Avatar of the Heavens, the last, biggest, baddest, monster in the post-game Symphony of Eternity. I dined with the Avatar several times, and I was always the main course. 😳

    However, after researching the newest armor available, and slaying the monsters who carry the special ore needed to fabricate the armors, I carefully :unsure: pushed my way through his dark cave until I reached the master of the Heavens. I had been lulled into over confidence by the ease in which I had dispatched all the prior monsters, both in-game and post-game, but after becoming supper for the Avatar I had grown cautious.

    One of my team filled his backpack with consumables, and did little but use his speed to supply the other two party members before the Avatar could get his knife and fork ready. My healer did nothing but cast Healing Wind almost every turn in order to bind our wounds. The golem, equipped with a darkness crystal, did nothing but Heavy Crush.

    Our band teetered on the brink of annihilation a few times, and was reduced to a single member more than once. When the Avatar finally expired, we were almost too exhausted to pick up the Draupnir he dropped. We then went to the engraver to have him add the Avatar of the Heavens onto the plaque of Fabulous Monsters in the Kemco RPG Monster Hall of Fame. :cheer:

    Avatar of the Heavens
    weakness: Darkness
    HP: 55000
    steal: zeradonal ore
    drops: Draupnir (increases TP gained after combat 1.5 times)

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    Lishuita is pretty much key for the battle with her mana-up and her L2 dark spell since the avatar is weak to dark. I had both Kriest and Dataru spam healing itens like crazy making sure Lish could keep spamming the L2 dark spell with her mana charge. But congrats on winning the fight!

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    Thanks–different but similar: one hitter with dark, 2 healers/item pushers. The key for me was getting the better armor.

    Older, but not wiser

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    His style of commentary is one of the things is why I am forced to give a thank you.


    My char selection for this boss battle (may be useful):

    Lish – aoe heal, buffs, minor dmg;

    Golems (with doublestrike kit mastered) – 2 turns in a row!;

    Ruland – main dmg, magic dark damage can not compare with his correct executed Raging Onslaught. (Rozeim can boost Ruland’s dmg even more, but I think he does not worth the slot).

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