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    I played on a tablet, and I can’t imagine trying to dodge the random monsters on a small screen. If there is somebody who has played this on a small screen, it might be useful if he/she can post an opinion about how this part of the game works.

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    The game played fine. Actually it’s impossible to tell since I don’t have a tablet and only a phone on which I play, so the screen size did not bother me at all. Dodging enemies was a breeze actually.

    I played this on my previous phone which was 4 inches and it played fine. I however have not checked it on my Nexus 4 ( which is 4.7 inch )


    That’s useful to know. On the larger tablet screen, it was possible to move fast enough that you could pass right through the monster!

    Thanks for posting

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    I played about an hour of it when I got my new phone, just to see.

    Played the whole thing a couple times on my tablet, and I prefer a larger screen but it works on a phone too.

    I also played Destiny Fantasia and Link of Hearts on my phone (Samsung S5), and had no problems, but tried Elio, Asdivine Menace, and one or two others, and decided the screen size was too small for me.

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    I prefer to run these games on a tablet and that’s the only way I played Symphony. Before that bug popped up to kill my playing of Dead Dragons via Underground on my phone, I’d found it to be tolerable, but apparently my slightly clumsy fingers prefer the larger screen/buttons (don’t know about anyone else, but I vastly prefer to call up the control pad and buttons over using pure touch controls).

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