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    MSG Commander

    So, I’m replaying Symphony of the Origin for probably like, the 12th time. (I really love this game – plus, I’ve been wanting to update the walkthrough pages for a long time now, and I’m finally down to just a few bonus material pages left.) 😀

    When I first wrote this walkthrough almost two years ago, I recommended levels for the bonus areas that were pretty high, but at those levels, the boss battles were basically guaranteed to win.

    I decided this time around that I would just try some of these battles at lower levels – like 10 levels lower than my previous recommendations! Lo and behold, I’m still able to beat all these bosses, but, I did have to seriously rethink my strategy.

    The One Item I Always Overlooked

    Enter Spilrau, the Enchanted Spirit Herb (and in my previous opinion, the lamest item ever in any Kemco game). The in-game description says “Returns Stamina to full level.” Well, okay, that’s nice. But every time I play this game, none of my characters ever run out of Stamina to the point that they can’t use the skill I want! Never! Not ever!

    (Not even once.)

    So, if it doesn’t do anything, why use it?

    So, on my first time through the game, I decide Spilrau is just pointless. I mean, it doesn’t heal you, it doesn’t take away abnormal status, it doesn’t prevent abnormal status, it doesn’t make you invincible, it doesn’t shield against incoming damage – No, all it does is refill your Stamina.

    I mean, what’s the point of that? It’s not like it raises the character’s SPD, or gives them the next turn, or anything actually useful…

    …hold on…

    …wait one…

    …reports are coming in…


    *cough cough* Er, um, well, uh…

    It turns out, Spilrau does give your character the very very next turn (as in even before the Boss’s turn – you know, the boss who’s about to use a very deadly skill to wipe out your entire party, and it’s going to kill you all because you don’t have time for Rumil to use Healing Wind before he attacks you? And unless you think of something fast YOU’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Yeah, that very next turn.)

    Yeah, apparently action order is determined by character’s Stamina (i.e. the one with the highest Stamina gets the next turn.) So, by using a Spilrau, you are actually guaranteeing that character will get the next turn.

    So, if ever you’re about to die in a Boss battle, and you have Rumil, and you have a Spilrau… use it on Rumil, and then use Healing Wind, or if you don’t have that but you do have one bar in your Deadliness Gauge, use Holy Breath.

    It just might save somebody’s life…


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    That’s how I was able to pull off killing the king of the underworld without him ever getting a turn. Just the Herb is enough to break a game fully.

    We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.

    MSG Commander

    Nice… if only I had known that two years ago, I could have beat the king too (12 times through the game and I’ve still never played long enough to finish him off – this time I’m gonna do it! I’m gonna be a contender!)

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